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20% Strength, 100% Satisfaction

Brands highlight significant anniversary with an event maybe a promotion or like the team behind Pure Vodka they release a new products in their range. 2020 has been one of the most unusual years most of us has experienced but it is also the year Pure Vodka turned 1, and to make their milestone they released the Pure Vodka Lite.

Launching the Pure Vodka in 2019, the brand has now released the Pure Lite, only 20% strength and half the calories of the Pure Vodka. The introduction of a reduced Alcohol spirit is becoming more welcoming by drinkers. With many people becoming more inclined to try non-alcoholic spirits or the lighter version in spirits and beers, this might down to people becoming more health conscious or the fact they dont want to be getting drunk everyday but do enjoy the social side of drinking.

With the introduction of Pure lite, Pure have now put their name in the pot when it comes to ordering that reduced alcohol beverage.

Why not try a bottle for yourself for just £30.00, you can get yourself one ordered over at now!


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