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Floating Point

We are always looking for new ways to improve our health and wellbeing and Floating is the latest way to do that. We Visited Floating Point in Reading to see what the fuss is all about.

When we arrived we were warmly greeted by the owner Michael, then quickly changed into anti slip sandals. We were then shown the pods that we would be spending the next hour in. We were talked through how it all works with half a ton of salts in the warm water with you. After we were given our detailed induction, we then entered the pods. You are advised to lye with your head by the door in case you need a quick escape. Once you are in the pod you have the choice of a neck support, one of them is a float and the other is a blow up neck pillow. I tried both finding the blow up neck pillow more comfortable. After getting settled I hit the button to turn the light off so it was dark in the pod.

Now what happened next I can only explain as very strange. I was dreading the thought of lying in water for an hour on my own but I have to say after 20 minutes I was completely relaxed. It may sound strange but it doesn't feel like you're in water. Your body just gets so comfortable floating it didn't seem like I was floating at all.

After a further 40 minutes it was time to come out and I have to say I felt so relaxed. After we came out of the pods we got changed and headed to the quiet room where we were given a home made sorbet, Apple, Pear and Cucumber which was an incredible pallet cleanser, followed by herbal teas. They stock normal herbal teas and 2 special teas which are only available in the USA and at this centre.

Our experience was incredible and we would highly recommend this to anyone thinking of going. If you're feeling stressed or worn down this is the perfect relaxing activity to do. It has also proven to help with any back injuries.

You can be floating today for just £40 for an induction session.

On their website Floating Point explains the experience as, 'At Floating Point we understand the potential for a life changing experience through Floating. Many of our clients have made positive changes in their lives and Floating has improved the quality of life for many others. We believe we have perfected the float experience from beginning to end, so you can get the most out of your float'.

Floating point, Reading has a partnership with the Team GB Rowing team and is used by many athletes up and down the country.

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