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HM Visits: Cirque Du Soleil London

As Part of our 'Top Things To Do In London 2019' We visited the Royal Albert Hall to watch Cirque Du Soleil's Totem and at the end of the spectacle there was nothing to fault, the show was absolutely incredible. The show itself was perfectly balanced because even though the performers are putting their lives on the line in some of the performances, providing a gripping atmosphere, they still managed to capture the comedy element which I felt was definitely needed.

The show Totem is, 'The Odyssey of the human species' is describe in the programme in the following way, 'On and Island Evoking the shape of a giant turtle, TOTEM traces humankind incredible journey - from our original amphibian state to our ultimate quest for flight' And without a doubt this is easy to see throughout the show.

Lets start by looking at the opening performance which was called 'Evolution'. The stage is set with a turtle shell in the centre which symbolises heaven and earth, we travel back 220 million years of our evolutionary journey. The main view in this performance is 'Frog' like creatures using the turtle frame and the trampolines to show some amazing acrobatic skills. We then move onto the second performance called 'Mutation', this part of the show displays the process of the man species from being primates to the bustling business man, this was received in a humours way by the audience. It shows how far we have come, showing the primates confusion with a mobile phone. Its one of those points where as a viewer you really think of how different things were. The third part of the show was 'Seduction' again quite a humorous part of the show where you see two muscle men competing for a womans' attention at the beach with there acrobatic skills, this primarily shows the modern take on the mating game describing our innate desire to attract and impress.

The fourth performance is 'Legende' this part of the story is shown by the brilliant story telling art of the American hoop dance where myths and legends of night and Day along with Heaven and earth are brought to life. The fifth part of the show was called 'Nature', this part of the show stunned the audience leaving everyone's jaws open. During this part of the story they were showing the interdependent world and mother earth performing the ultimate balance act. It's something you don't believe until you see it, five unicyclists celebrate the intricate process of nature in a stunning display of balance and synchronicity. One of the best points of the show.

The next part of the story was 'Culture' This is a comical act where clown Misha takes us on a romp through life endless possibilities. For me part like this in a show with such high calibre performance is a must. You need something to lighten the mood. 95% of the show you are stunned so having a comical act thrown in is cleverly placed. The next two performances were 'Attraction' which showed the coming of spring and young love, the freshness and the awareness of new potential, displaying two trapeze artists embodying the art of falling in love followed by 'Science' which shows an acknowledgement to Darwin with his hope of discovering new life. With a incredible light show produced by his finger tips.

The final 3 performances started with 'Fauna' this displayed a business man stripped and thrown into the jungle and you see him battle the primates for dominance. Then it goes onto 'Passion', this was telling a love story on roller skates. It shows a couple finding their fate whilst constantly embracing with high speeds.

The show ends with 'Innovation' this is where we launch into life next 'Phase' showing all different perspectives, thoughts and feeling as we brave the new world.

The musicians enhanced the performance which otherwise would be incomplete and they were perfect during the performance. Music is sometimes over looked in shows like this but take away the music and there show doesn't have the same impact on the audience.

Another incredible detail from the show was the animations and lights. With moving waters, bridges and even speed boats, everything down to the smallest detail was thought of and that all adds up to one unforgettable experience which they managed to deliver.

Now this show is only running in London until February 26th 2019 so make sure you head over to their website and get your self some tickets, it was spectacular and a faultless show. The Artists can all be very proud of what they are doing with out a doubt. 10/10 Highly recommended!