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Beefeater Gin Tour

As we continue to search around London for the top things to do 2019 we payed the guys at the Beefeater Gin Distillery a visit. Now we all love a gin right? For just £15 you can visit the worlds only Beefeater Gin Distillery to see the history the iconic beverage brand's history and how they make the prestigious drink.

You start the tour in the brands museum and you have around 30-35 minutes to have a look into the brand history. The Museum is interactive with visual and audio content as well as historic items from the brands early days. One particular thing I liked about about this part was the fact it wasn't just history on Beefeater Gin but on gin in general. I think maybe the time was a bit too long? We got around with just under 10 minutes to spare, but i suppose everyone is different and it may take some people longer.

After 35 minutes we then was collected by one of the tour guides who took us to the bar area. When we arrived in the bar there were 9 barrels all containing a different ingredient. We were gathered around the ingredients and our tour guide then informed up the 9 ingredients in front of us were actually the 9 that go into the basic bottle of Beefeater gin we were also informed that the recipe has never changed!

We then got to fast the Beefeater 24 and London Garden gin (Cut with water). Following the detailed explanation of each and every ingredient and its purpose in the recipe we were taken to where the gin is made. Now I would like to at this point, inform you that this is the only Beefeater Gin Distillery in the world! That means every single drop any where in the world has come form this building. Our tour guide then talked up through what pipes were what and showed us the gin distillers and only 5 people work in with the machines (4 until recent) What I found most incredible was the original distiller that the founder James Burrough used is still being used today, its such an incredible piece of equipment.

After we were shown where the gin is made we were then taken back down stairs to the bar and treated to a gin and tonic each. Overall this was a great experience, its a fun day out and very informative. Our tour guide knew exactly what she was talking about (Always helps) and could answer any question thrown at her.

I would highly recommend visiting the Beefeater Gin Distillery in 2019!

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