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3 Skills You Need to Learn in 2021

The COVID-19 pandemic has driven change at a pace that we could have never imagined before. Organisations have had to re-envision their definition of productivity and governments have certainly learnt a thing or two about agile strategizing and implementation of policy. We are, without a doubt, in a time that calls for us to take up learning into our own hands.

Here are 3 things I believe will help you to keep up with the fast-paced digital transformation that is upon us.

1. How to speak a second international language

2020 taught companies that their employees do not have to be in the same building all the time for them to achieve their daily goals. A hybrid form of operation is going to take over going forward. We can certainly envision that companies will start to employ workers from across the globe to form their best teams. Learning languages such as Spanish, French and Mandarin which are some of the top international languages will certainly be to your benefit. You do not know it yet but maybe your future business partner might not even speak your home language. The globe is getting smaller, this skill will be of much benefit to you and the organisation you work for.

My recommendation is to make use of Duolingo which comes with audio lessons, podcasts, stories for you to learn from at home and even when you are on the go.

2. How to protect yourself online

2020 urged the move of many entities to online. Online meetings, online collaboration of projects, online storage of important data and information and so much more. What we will see going into 2021 and beyond will be the great lack of cybersecurity skills. The move to hybrid or complete remote operation of organisations requires adequate safeguarding of all these vital functions that are being moved to a virtual space.

If it is getting a certificate in cybersecurity that you are not interested in, be sure to get your basics right. Educate yourself about how to identify phishing emails and messages, how to protect your devices from viruses and remember that you do not have to subscribe to every influencer’s mailing list who is offering a free guide. If a cyber thief can access your information, they are very likely going to attach themselves to your network – the company you work for can be affected and your close friends and family too.

3. How to save

You cannot rely on a single stream of income. The job market, regardless of what part of the world you find yourself in at this time, is extremely volatile. The best way to safeguard your livelihood is to have an emergency fund locked up somewhere. An amount that can sustain you and your dependents for up to at least a quarter of a year is a good starting point.


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