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45% of women admit to engineering their cycle for a period free holiday

Yoppie, the pioneers of personalised period care, are calling for women to ditch the mental baggage associated with menstrual cycle worries while on holiday, after nearly half of women admit to altering their contraception in order to avoid their period while away.

The research commissioned by Yoppie asked over 4,000 women if being on their period while on holiday was a worry. 58% stated they weren’t worried at all, however, it was a concern for 41%.

In fact, previous research by Yoppie found that one in three women (27%) admit to getting anxiety when it comes to planning their general social life around period.

The biggest reason? Leaking while going about their holiday activities ranked top, whether it be swimming or a night out, for example.

Leaking in more revealing, lightweight holiday clothes was the second major concern while suffering from general PMS symptoms was the third highest ranking worry.

Despite this, just 19% stated they would actively book a holiday for a time when they weren’t on their period.

The research by Yoppie also found that just 8% said they would pay more to book a holiday if it meant not being on their period and only 7% would change the date of their holiday if they thought they were going to be on.

So while it seems that our period may be a worry while on our holidays, it certainly doesn’t seem to be enough of an issue to alter our plans or to pay out more for a period free vacation.

However, this could be due to an alternative method that nearly half of women admit to taking to ensure a holiday without having to pack tampons or sanitary towels.

45% of those surveyed by Yoppie admitted that they would change their contraceptive intake in order to either delay or to bring on their period sooner, so that they didn’t have to deal with it whilst away.

Founder of Yoppie, Daniella Peri, commented:

“Periods don’t have to be a pain and whether you’re at home, at work, or on holiday, there are plenty of things you can do to reduce the impact of PMS symptoms, the chance of leaking and any other worries associated with your menstrual cycle.

Getting the right period care is the first step and all too often opting for a cheap, mass produced product can actually increase discomfort, leaking and even PMS related problems.

We provide tailored period care that’s right for your individual cycle and it can be delivered through your letterbox, so you should have no problem finding space for it in your suitcase, or your beach bag.”

But it’s not just your tampon or pad that can help reduce the worries associated with your period while on holiday.

Yoppie has launched three symptom-targeted PMS supplements, in the belief that women deserve more than the “generic one-size-fits-all female multivitamin” to help alleviate their PMS symptoms::

Mood Food: the supplement that helps alleviate the emotional symptoms of PMS: mood swings, irritability and anxious feelings.

Super Soother: the supplement that helps alleviate the physical symptoms of PMS: cramps, headaches and breast tenderness.

Hormone Hero: the supplement that helps alleviate the hormonal symptoms of PMS: bloating, digestive issues and fatigue.

Each supplement comes in three different sizes (21, 28 or 35 days) to allow women to sync their supplement intake to their cycle and can be safely taken together if needed, or alongside other supplements. They can also be combined with other PMS attack plans such as exercise routines and self-care to help boost PMS relief.

What’s more, just like Yoppie’s organic period care products, they can be delivered through your letterbox on a subscription basis so they should be able to squeeze into your suitcase without any additional baggage requirements!