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HM Visits: An Exhibition for Change

On Wednesday 12th June The Painting rooms in London will open its doors to a brand new art exhibition but this one is slightly different to your usual art exhibition. Homeless: An Exhibition for change will open its doors for its opening night which will kick off it's 12 day stay at the painting rooms.

Now this exhibition screams all kinds of extraordinary, the event that is sponsored by 'My Beautiful City' has been planned by a young man called Daniel K Swan, Artivist Daniel has an incredible story having given up a high life style to live on the streets to try and help solve the homeless problem essentially from the ground floor. He has spent the last 4 years of this life understanding the issue inside out including living on the streets in London this past winter (2018/2019).The vision from the sales of the art will be to open what will be more than just a homeless hostel. Mr Swan explains with enough funding we could create an entirely sustainable network of communities offering free food and accommodation within just 5 years!

100% of all profits form the exhibition goes to those on the streets and funding the plan for lasting change.

Daniel explains why now, he says 'Since the late 1970s, the incomes share of the top 1% has approximately doubled in the UK. Meanwhile 14 million live in poverty and homelessness has increased by more than100%

The exhibition has said, 14 million people in the UK today live in poverty, at least 320,000 are homeless and over the past 18 months more than 800 have died, without a home, on the street. The oldest was 94 years old.

Daniel say the exhibition is an answer to his question,' Why is it happening and how do we change it?' The answer is come along from June 12th 2019, we invite you to become apart of the answer.

The smart attired event opens it's doors for a private viewing on June 12th and officially opens its doors to the public on June 13th. Be sure to check out this extraordinary exhibition, Homeless: An Exhibition for change. Help be the change