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Art Absolutely!

The investment in art isn't its value in money but in the way it makes you feel. When looking to add something extra to a room, some go for a rug or a throw for the sofa or bed, I say why not art? Art is a beautiful addition to any room and it doesn't have to be expensive to be good quality. Introducing Art Absolutely, Art Absolutely commissions, licenses and publishes original limited edition artworks with each piece on their website for sale, having 99 or less editions available.

Many people around the world collect art for many different reasons, some buy for investment hoping the piece they've purchased will increase in value to make a profit, others buy for donation to public galleries (Usually multi-millionaires it not billionaires) and others buy for appreciation of the artists piece, art is a magical thing and it can make you feel a whole load of emotions, whether you look at it every day or very rarely whenever you do its going to make you feel something.

Something that is important when buying a piece of art is Certificate of Authenticity which would include a unique ID and an edition number. This is something the owner of the piece can show to prove it is an authentic piece - it's actually is what they are claiming it to be and at Art absolutely every piece they sell comes with one of these.

The London based printing studio boasts the use of Fine art trade guild-accredited techniques - the same techniques they use in the British museum. This helps to ensure the piece is long lasting and means they can remain vivid for 200 years!

Having helped Oscar winning celebrities to choose a piece of art, Art Absolutely have a 3 step guide on how they can help you chose the perfect piece for your home. First they encourage you to look at the art to choose some that you like and the frames too, whilst giving the size you are after. They next request a visual to be sent to them of the room its going into show as they can show you what it will look like and then finally, they will send you the piece of art. Its quite a simple process but sometimes things can look different to how you think there going to and when your spending upwards of £200.00 on something you want to make sure its going to be the right fit.

Adding art to your walls is one of the most transformative design elements of an interior style and when chosen thoughtfully, can infuse a space with personality. Whilst it’s sometimes difficult to envision how art might look or feel in a space, Art Absolutely offers an innovative and bespoke visualisation service where clients can see their chosen piece digitally hung. Clients can adjust the framing, size and even colour before making a final decision.

So why not head over to now and have a look at what pieces you could be starting or adding to your collection.


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