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Artist Rolf Sachs Creates A Limited Collection Of Bisque Porcelain Candlesticks For Nymphenburg

With these handcrafted pieces, Sachs unveils an unconventional approach to porcelain creation, celebrating the tactile and the imperfect.

Artist Rolf Sachs unveils an exclusive limited collection of candlesticks titled ‘Berührung’ which translates as ‘touch’ in English, in collaboration with the historic Porzellan Manufaktur Nymphenburg, available from October 24, 2023.

Striking a balance between faire and laisser-faire, this collection highlights Sachs’ empathetic and sensual approach to creativity and encapsulates the artist’s vision of producing ‘arts emotionels instead of arts décoratifs.’ The porcelain is molded with verve, shaped with intuition, bent and pressed with impulse. The candlesticks express Sachs’ endless fascination with the concept of imperfection: ‘Perfection often seems a little sterile. I have a love of flaws. By nature, humans are not perfect and if we are, we are probably boring,’ Sachs suggests. Despite many years of cooperation with Nymphenburg, porcelain remains something special for the artist. It is a moving experience to feel the fine material with his hands, to shape it and to deal with it, even more: to engage with it with all his senses. The ‘Berührung’ collection epitomizes a deliberate break from today's predominant perfectionism as a general standard and is intended to encourage us to acknowledge imperfections and celebrate them. For the artist, the focus of his work has always been the examination of people: ‘The more truthful we are, the more we show of our character,’ Sachs calls on us to stop hiding our flaws and instead live and even enjoy them. ‘Berührung’, in keeping with the tradition of Porzellan Manufaktur Nymphenburg, can act as a centerpiece on a dining table, becoming the focal point of conversations and exchanges. It also invites us to reconsider and discover the soul of porcelain.

The ‘Berührung’ candlesticks are a testament to Sachs’ unconventional use of the material, inviting the manufacturer to approach it in new ways. With Sachs’ intervention, they become original, poetic one-offs that come in all shapes and sizes: small and large, high and low, in pure white bisque porcelain or stained with colored glazes. Contrary to its usual transparency and delicacy, the bisque porcelain is full of fractures, fingerprints, and seemingly arbitrary shapes, offering a new language than its usual finesse. Sachs approaches the medium more spontaneously, molding, turning, embossing, painting, and firing it with great freedom.

Retail Prices for the ‘Berührung’ series start from 800 €.


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