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At The Time Of Met Gala, Security Company Comments Celebrities' Expenses

...With Private Security From Lady Gaga, Beckhan´s To Beyoncé.

It's the first Monday in May, which means it's the 2022 Met Gala ala referred to as “the biggest night of the stars”. It often seems that celebrities have a perfect life. Fame brings visibility and, consequently, some unwanted situations so when we talk about celebrities’ private security the topic has a lot of $$$$. The security team alone during a Beyoncé tour was made up of 500 people.

Photo: Instagram @ladygaga| Photo: Instagram @victoriabeckham | Photo:Instagram @beyonce

There are those who spend fortunes above US$4 million to preserve their own lives and that of their family. Mark Pugachev, co-founder of FSOguard, a Miami-based company specializing in security services, comments on the stars' spending.

The couple Beyoncé and Jay Z, for example, have armoured vehicles and 24-hour security. The cost of these services totals $4 million, according to The Richest. For FSOguard, the value is compatible with the net worth of artists who earn about a billion dollars. Already the consecrated Lady Gaga, invests approximately $ 2.1 million per year, which is valid since the singer had her dog kidnapped while the dog walker was seriously injured at the time.

The voice of “Watermelon Sugar”, Harry Styles, is also not far behind when it comes to private security costs. The singer, who was once stalked by a homeless in London, pays around $1 million a year for the services. Mark Pugachev say that situations like these are possible, and hiring a specialized service is essential so that risks are reduced, and dangers avoided.

Actress and humanitarian activist Angelina Jolie, who sets aside $2 million for the private safety of her family, and lastly the couple David and Victoria Beckham invest $1 million a year to ensure maximum security.

“From bulletproof Maybachs and Bentleys to panic rooms, whether it's bodyguards or high-tech security systems, no price is too high when it comes to security for the hyper rich.” Says Mark Pugachev.

For FSOguard, taking care of physical integrity and property is a priority. For this reason, personalized service is so important, willing to understand and work for the unique needs of the client.

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