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Back with a bang - James Hatton BSc

Back with a bang, is that what they call it? Or so I’d believe To be fair as with previous articles for ‘Hinton’ I speak most often as I write. And let’s be honest, it's been far too long. But why's it been far too long? Let's take a moment, a few minutes, and see if you can see why? Perhaps can you guess why? Still don't know, or perhaps just awaiting the answer, I don't blame you.

You see, I had a small break, a mini melt down, I had to recoup, recharge and take back my mind from the mists of the dark place that we all so often forget exists. A few months ago I broke.

It's true, I broke, perhaps more so broke then I have ever been before. What does this mean? Well I’ll tell you all. It's shows one thing and only one thing, ‘I’m human just like you.’ How did I break? Well let me sum it up slowly just for you. There comes a point in everyone’s lives where one chapter indeed closes, and another one opens. The problem is more so we as humans do not know when or where these will happen, they come out of nowhere and are often hidden; perhaps in experiences, messages, people talk, social lives, work life and more. We need to accept when these moments come and more often than not they are hidden, but they most certainly are there. Slowly they appear within our minds that something isn't just quite right and change is impediment. What could this be through? Well, this could be through ?

Love life? Work life? Gym life? Social life? Hobbies and more.

For myself? It came not only as one thing but more like 5 things in one go.

That’s right. Yup; came out of nowhere like a brick wall as if life itself went ‘LISTEN YOU it's TIME FOR CHANGE’ and boy did it hit me. From living in Liverpool, to moving jobs, to moving back home, it all seemed like a juggled mess. But the thing is and the message I want to address to you all is. You all know secretly when change is needed, deep down, deep, deep down your inner self tells you, and that, and only that is when you really need to be kind of selfish and just listen. Love yourself. Listen to yourself. Your body, mind and soul are the three main things you are gifted in this one life and every now and then it will call back and tell you what to do. So, when it does? LISTEN. It's telling you a message. Take time out, look after yourself; reassess in this journey call life, and simply focus on YOU. How does this sound to you? Have you heard that voice before your conscience telling you, you know what? Let’s change this trip, let’s make you, well, YOU AGAIN. I want to help it’s saying. And that and only that is what I wish from you this month.

Ask yourself, when was the last time you were true to your soul; true to yourself, and asked

are you currently happy; and how can you change it today to make your next day that little bit better? It may have been a hell of a long few months and I'm far from being perfect but slowly and

steadily I'm making myself and my way to being back to me again.

My love to you all.

James Hatton BSc



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