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  • Drivers can get Michelle Keegan’s Mercedes CLC 180 from £362 per month, Katie Price’s Pink Range Rover for £843 per month or Victoria Beckham’s Range Rover Evoque for £330 a month

From Victoria Beckham’s Range Rover Evoque to Michele Keegan’s Mercedes CLC, celebrities aren’t afraid to splash the cash when it comes to their cars.

But new research has found that the cars of a number of stars are not as out of this world expensive as you might think - meaning drivers can have a taste of the high life and be one step closer to living the celebrity lifestyle easier than they might expensive.

New data released by Auto Trader, the UK’s largest digital marketplace for new and used cars, reveals how some of Birtain’s favourite celebrities’ own cars which can be leased for as little as £253 per month.

A popular car choice amongst many celebs is the SUV, widely known for their four-wheel drive capabilities and powerful engines. And fans of the Beckhams will be pleased to know that they can get their hands on the same Range Rover Evoque Posh Spice herself drives, as it’s available on a leasing deal for £330 per month - compared to an eyewatering £46,000 when bought outright.

One of the most well-known celebrity drives is Katie Price’s iconic hot pink Range Rover. This flashy model can be available for £843 a month through a leasing deal, compared to the typical cost of £72,000 - £87,000.

Reality TV star, Sam Faiers, drives the popular Black Range Rover Velar which is seen regularly on the roads. Costing £53,657 when bought in one payment, this motor will cost drivers a comparatively less painful £575 on a monthly leasing deal, instead.

For those with more cash to splash on an A-list worthy motor, there are a number of celeb cars which definitely make a statement and have price tags to match.

Our Girl and Brassic star, Michelle Keegan, can be seen driving a Mercedes CLC 180, which when bought new costs £32,000. Looking at the leasing cost in comparison, this motor will cost drivers £362 per month in comparison.

Meanwhile, I’m a Celebrity Get Me Out of Here champion, Jacuqeline Jossa, has been seen driving an Audi Q3 which costs £34,000 when bought outright, compared to £335 on a leasing deal.

The sporty but practical Mercedes-Benz EQC is the vehicle of choice for This Morning presenter Holly Willoughby. This would usually cost £78,638 when paid for in full - however, this motor is available to lease for £850 a month.

Kim Kardashian drives the very luxurious Mercedes-Benz Maybach S Class. Unsurprisingly, this motor doesn’t come cheap, costing a whopping £183,00 when bought outright, and a still-staggering £3,523 per month when leased.

Britain’s Got Talent Judge Amanda Holden drives around in a sleek and stylish Mercedes G-Wagon. This motor doesn’t come cheap, costing £160,000 when bought brand new - however, well-heeled drivers can lease it for a fraction of the cost, at £1,542 per month.

Some celebs are even shunning slicker looking models in favour of an electric vehicle (EV) to help save the planet.

Harry and Meghan Markle have opted for an Audi E-Tron, costing up to £75,000 when bought brand new, however this is available to lease for a relatively more palatable £626 a month for drivers looking to get a more eco-friendly model.

Meanwhile, daytime TV treasure Lorraine Kelly drives the eco-friendly Nissan Leaf. This motor has a price tag of just £255 per month when leased, compared to £22,990 when paid for in one lump sum.

Leasing is a cost-effective alternative to purchasing outright that sees drivers making a small initial payment upfront, followed by a series of much smaller monthly payments for a fixed length of time.

At the end of the lease term, drivers can then return the car and take out a new lease on a new vehicle of their choice.

Auto Trader’s Rory Reid comments: “Leasing is a great way to get celebrity style without the huge down payment which comes with buying more expensive cars.

“Most people take pride in the car that they drive and want this to suit their style and taste, whether that be a fast sports car or a climate-friendly vehicle, so it’s great that leasing makes otherwise relatively expensive cars more accessible to buyers with more modest budgets.”

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