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Brits beleive COVID-19 will still be impacing our social lives 5 years from now

  • Nightclub culture could be a thing of the past, 65% of Brits believe the club scene as we know it will be unrecognisable in five years-time and heavily restricted.

  • The rise of social fatigue – Increasing numbers of Brits say in a post lockdown world we will all suffer as ‘no excuses’ socialising resumes.

  • Frugal or more fun? 42% of Brits are now choosing to ‘dress up’ and socialise with their friends in their HOMES, drinks brand VIN CROWD has teamed up with Nasty Gal to make staying in the new going out.

Restrictions may be lifting on July 19th but sceptical Brits believe it could be FIVE years before we are back to ‘normal’ – giving up hope on going ‘out-out’ to a night club or taking a spontaneous holiday.

Following the recent changes to restrictions, drinks brand VIN CROWD asked 2,000 British people what they think life will look like in the coming 12 months, and how much they believed life would change in the next five years.

From sticky club floors to crowded smoking areas, 30% of those polled believed nightclub culture would not resume in the next 12 months, with their doors staying firmly closed.

And when faced with the question, what does ‘out-out’ look like five years from now, 65% of British people believed the nightclub as we know it could be a thing of the past – completely unable to imagine no restrictions, no social distancing, or limited numbers in venues.

But party loving Brits were still keen to resume, a quarter (24%) said they can’t wait to attend nightclubs or large gatherings. Perhaps looking for an excuse to glam up, the poll showed women were twice as likely as men to get out there as soon as possible.

While many Brits feel frustrated with the changes to the lifting of restrictions, data shows 41% of 2,000 people surveyed by VIN CROWD said they could wait to ‘party like its July 19th’ and were no longer in a rush to return to festivals, large parties, concerts and nightclubs. 55% said they would be too nervous to attend.

Making a new kind of normal, a quarter of Brits claimed to get dressed up and put on something special to attend a picnic in the park or a BBQ with friends – with 42% choosing to socialise with friends in their homes over going ‘out out’.

More than a third of British people said they couldn’t see spontaneous socialising going back to ‘normal’ until five years from now, ruling out popping into a busy bar or partying without a facemask.

Drinks expert, Fiona Nicholls from VIN CROWD, said: “What we see from the data is a split between those who are too nervous to let restrictions go and those who want to get back to life before Covid – ultimately the most common theme is people want to get together.

“While we are in this time of unrest, we invite people to tap into simple, easy ways to have fun – so we have teamed up with Nasty Gal to help people create their own party vibe with a can of spritz and a whole new wardrobe. It’s time to toast the summer and get our crowd back together.”

This Summer VIN CROWD is teaming up with online clothing retailer Nasty Gal for an on-pack promotion. The Nasty Gal collaboration will offer consumers the chance to win seasonal themed prizes and provide VIN CROWD shoppers with up to10% discount for the clothing webstore.

Nasty Gal’s Commercial Director Kelly Byrne said: “While weddings, large parties and a 3am night club rave may not be on the cards as we know it, this hasn’t stopped people from treating themselves to something special.

“As customers seek out any opportunity to celebrate smaller occasions, we have seen sales spikes in our festival and ‘going out’ ranges since lockdown restrictions began– we have all missed getting out of our lounge wear and putting on something special, a VIN CROWD spritz in the park with friends is an excuse to glam up.”

Further data showed many assume the girls or guys holiday could be a thing of the past. Despite the government ruling out covid passports, a whopping 71% of Brits believe we will not be able to do as much as a spontaneous mini break abroad without being vaccinated or fully tested.

Watch out gap years - 43% believe backpacking will be regulated going forward.

Alas while the thought may horrify some, many people are struggling to get back on their socialising feet following a year in and out of lockdowns, 53% believed ‘social fatigue’ will become the next issue to sweep the nation.

Romantics at heart, Brits refused to give up on love! One third of the nation said they believed big weddings would resume and a similar number felt outdoor festivals would come back. And 70% believed in five years’ time families would be closer than they were pre pandemic, due to bubbles.


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