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Cherry Blossom launches its Platinum range, designed to protect premium footwear

When investing in premium footwear, an equally premium level of protection is essential for keeping shoes in their best condition. This is made easy with the launch of Cherry Blossom’s Platinum range, made up of high-quality protective solutions for the everyday. Cherry Blossom, the only British-manufactured shoe care brand, offers a wide selection of products that are reliable and efficient, and retains the same purpose as when Cherry Blossom was established in 1906. Cherry Blossom has undergone a major rebrand, with its stunning red design reflecting products that are bold, market-leading and exceptionally high-quality.

The Platinum range includes an array of high-performance products including Regimental Gloss, Eco Ultra Cleaner, Eco Ultra Repel, Eco Shoe Refresh, Shine & Go Deluxe and Impression Deluxe Insole. Whether you’re looking to clean, protect or restore comfort to your premium footwear, Cherry Blossom’s latest offering meets any individual need. The range draws on and drives forward the company’s decades of experience in manufacturing high-quality shoe protection. With meticulous care taken for the product formulations, superior performance is ensured at all stages of the manufacturing process with Cherry Blossom continually investing in new and enhanced equipment to ensure the best possible manufacturing processes, product quality and efficiency at all stages.

The Renovating Polish comes in a variety of colours, including black, dark brown, mid brown, light brown, navy, oxblood, grey, white and red to protect almost any style shoe. It renovates and restores the appearance of smooth leather, giving it a sheen that reflects its appearance when newly bought. The Renovating Shoe Cream adds an extra layer of conditioning, by nourishing the leather and keeping it refreshed rather than tired. The Platinum Eco Shoe Refresh is an eco-friendly and water-based product, designed to remove odours at the source and even comes in a 100% recycled bottle, extending Cherry Blossom’s work to care for the environment.

The Platinum range doesn’t just protect leather footwear, as the Eco Ultra Cleaner provides powerful cleaning for shoes needed for special occasions. Used in conjunction with the Eco Ultra Repel, ultimate waterproofing is ensured. When applying the shoe polish and creams, the range’s lint-free microfibre Platinum Polishing Cloth gives optimum results. For those that want an instant shine, the Shine & Go Deluxe in neutral and black is perfect, revitalising shoes in an instant.

For those looking to elevate their footwear care, the Platinum collection also offers a range of expert accessories. In addition to the Platinum Polishing Cloth, a Deluxe Polishing Brush, Deluxe Shoe Care Brush Set and Spiral Wooden Shoe Tree have been added. Made from high-quality horsehair bristles, the Deluxe Polishing Brush buffs to add ultimate shine while the Shoe Care Brush Set provides the perfect partnership to apply polishes and creams before buffing, perfectly penetrating leather pores. Not only perfecting their exterior, the Spiral Wooden Shoe Tree ensures shapes are kept and protected. Simply insert the tree’s natural wooden design into shoes directly after wear to absorb moisture and the spiral spring will easily adapt to fit footwear, keeping it smooth and in shape.

The Platinum range meets growing consumer needs, the use of new footwear upper materials whilst also contending for the unpredictable British weather, as well as retaining all the quality for which Cherry Blossom is renowned.

Going a step further than shoe care, Cherry Blossom’s Platinum Insole collection also works to protect and comfort the feet thanks to its Foam Deluxe, Impression Deluxe, Deluxe Foam Comfort and Deluxe Leather Comfort insoles. Breathable, super soft and dual-layered, feet are protected and shoes are perfectly moulded to fit wearers. Teamed with the Silky Fresh Feet spray, feet are kept fresh, dry and comfortable all day long. Simply spray the anti-friction spray underfoot for a smooth sensation for up to 24 hours.

The range is also environmentally responsible, with Cherry Blossom using eco-friendly processes and componentry such as using locally sourced materials in the UK throughout its production chain which are recognised with globally recognised accreditations. The shoe care solutions are also water-based, eco-responsible formulations and this category also incorporates the use of recycled plastic. The updated formulations are also safer and easier to ship as removing harmful chemicals has similarly removed the need for warnings.

Offering a reliable way to protect your most cherished footwear, the Cherry Blossom Platinum range offers expert protection to keep your premium shoes looking their best.

Eco Ultra Cleaner - £5.50

Eco Ultra Repel - £5.50

Eco Shoe Refresh - £5.50

Silky Fresh Feet - £4.50

Deluxe Leather Lotion - £3.95

Shine & Go Deluxe - £3.45

Renovating Shoe Cream - £3.15

Regimental Gloss - £2.65

Renovating Polish - £2.65

Deluxe Polishing Brush - £7.50

Deluxe Shoe Care Brush Set - £6.85

Deluxe Classic Polishing Cloth - £2.95

Deluxe Foam Comfort Insole - £3.35

Deluxe Foam Comfort Insole Half - £2.55

Foam Deluxe Insole - £2.50

Deluxe Leather Comfort Insole - £8.45

Impression Deluxe Insole - £8.45

Wooden Spiral Shoe Tree - £14.50


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