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The Christmas Hamper Guide - Prestige Hampers

Prestige Hampers – Hamper Royal £139.99


Walkers of London – Chocolate Turkish Delight 200g

Yorkshire Crisps – Sweet Cured ham and Pickle 100g

Yorkshire Popcorn – Salt and sweet popcorn 40g

Simply Cornish – Hand made short bread Luxurious strawberries and clotted cream 200g

Deli & Co – Pork liver pate with cognac 180g

Lily O’Brien – petit indulgence Chocolate collection 48g

Shropshire Spice co – Wild sage and roast onion wholemeal stuffing mix 150g

English Tea Shop – English breakfast tea bags x 20 40g

Mrs Bridges – Sun dried tomato and balsamic chutney 100g

Perthshire oatcakes – cracked black pepper oatcakes 150g

Mrs Bridges – Strawberry preserve with champagne 113g

Silver and green – Garlic stuffed olives 220g

Joe and Seph’s – popcorn with caramel and Belgium chocolate 16g

Monty Bojangles – Scofflets caramel and cookie 100g

Buttermilk – crumbly fudge caramel and sea salt 120g

Shortbread house of Edinburgh – truly handmade shortbread 170g

Buteman – Goats cheese crumbles 75g

Whitakers – Violet cremes 150g

Silver Creek – chardonnay 75cl

Silver Creek – Merlot 75cl


This 20 piece luxury hamper is the perfect gift this Christmas, with such a wide range of variety. Each and every piece of this hamper screams luxuary, yet the contents is perfect for anyone. With the foods in the hamper being regular house hold foods and the wine too.

Value for money:

This hamper is priced at £139.99 and I believe it’s worth every penny. The quality behind all the products and the hand selected choices make this hamper it’s true worth.


This hamper comes in a wicker basket. We would guess roughly at retail price this basket is around £40.00-£50.00. The time taken to carefully place each and every product in the basket with the decorative ‘Straw like’ shredded paper is really noticeable as a consumer.

Where to buy:


This hamper is a fantastic gift to give this Christmas time. It’s for the more ‘Down to earth’ family. This hamper screams premium. It contains everyday use items at a premium level and the wicker basket it comes in its definitely one of the top ones this Christmas 8.5/10


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