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CLAUDIA WANG 2022/23 Autumn/Winter Collection

Presenting VOGUE-featured designer, CLAUDIA WANG and her 2022/23 Autumn/Winter Collection.

The emerging designer and brand, Claudia Wang, featured her new collection at the Taipei Songyan Cultural and Creative Center. This followed her success at Taipei Fashion Week which she featured at for the third time, as well as being selected for A/W 2022 London Fashion Week.

Claudia Wang, the 2022/23 Autumn Winter Collection, is an interpretation of retro classics and avant-garde blues. It digitally diversifies its season by the addition of NFTs and collaborations with an array of creators.

A Visual Jungle with Futuristic Exotic Animals and Classic Plaid…

The Claudia Wang 2022 Autumn Winter visual style can be described as a ‘fantasy fairyland’ with multi-dimensional technologies visualising and projecting surreal creatures and the beautiful landscapes of Taiwan.

Challenging traditional aesthetics; Claudia Wang repeatedly uses the concept of a ‘wrinkle’ throughout her designs as well as curves and colours in high saturation, paying homage to surrealism and futurism. The eye-catching and bold graffiti fantasy texture meets the nostalgic contrast of colour, sending the audience into a vortex of past and future illusions. Classic plaid patterns have been used to create a visual sense of time and space.

The Fundamental Brand DNA of Neutral Silhouettes and Sustainable Materials.

As a designer who challenges the balanced interpretation of symmetrical aesthetics, Claudia Wang has created a distinct fashion collection featuring futuristic colours. The collection features free-wearing silhouettes and sustainable functional styles. The neutrality of the designs means that it is also genderless.

Claudia Wang made use of Taiwan’s textile and sustainable ability, creating practical and functional fabrics, the collection featured the collective textile work of Taiwan knitting factory Lufeng Xingye, presenting a two-way pattern design and three dimensional knitting materials.

Digital diversification of Fashion collectives and NFT.

This collection uniquely offered cryptographic assets, an NFT (non-fungible token), to diversify the world of fashion. Utilising this new age technology has built upon the modern technological elements that are fundamental and known to the Claudia Wang brand.

Creative Collaborations to bring the Collection to life Visually, Musically, and Multi-Dimensionally.

The show created folds of time through key collaborations with a variety of creators. For visual effects, ‘Digital Domain’ who produce effects for Hollywood Films such as “Titanic”. They applied virtual and real-life integration of technology to the show, creating a wormhole-life fold in time, combining characters from different times and space. Digital Domain worked with the Teresa Teng Foundation, to recreate and present the graceful charm of Miss Teresa Teng, the Taiwanese singer and actress who passed away in 1995, known as the ‘Queen of Asian music.’ Using virtual human technology, the fashion show recreated the frown and smile of Teresa Teng.

Singer songwriter and fashion influencer, ‘YELLOW’ Huang Xuan, also featured, creating a unique "Cyberfunk" style, using songs from his new album, as well as a live music charm, interpreting this season's artistic plaid style men's clothing.

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