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Cloud Cloth

Consumers are more and more concious of the types of brands they are shopping with more than ever, one huge factor is the transparency of the brand - how honest they are with their customers. There one brand who really couldn't be more honest, declaring the products they produce was found 'by a chance' but the brand story is one you will certainly remember.

The journey started in Spring of 2017 with something simple as the founder of Cloud Cloth coming across a piece of cloth that people used to use whilst taking care of their skin decades ago. Founder of Cloud Cloth - Catherine Parker at the time was suffering from a reactive form of urticaria. Meaning she was no longer able to use regular granular exfoliants, she tried muslin as an alternative way of exfoliating. This lead to Parkers search for a 'old british textile mill' to see if she could get her hands on some high quality cotton cloth that was made in the UK. Obviously there was more than one fabric that she was shown, every bit she kept. Catherine tells us, 'The search went far and wide, from the very loose weaves of cheese cloth, to a kind of looped cotton poly mix we thought, then different weaves of standard muslin, traditional muslin, toweling flannel. And the search went on. And on'. After a long period of searching she finally found somewhere in the UK.

Cloud Cloth is a confortable, lightweight, gentle on the skin, Easy to manoeuvre around the face, soothing skincare cloth. Washable - re-use again and again and 100% Organic cotton.

Another transpartent area to Cloud Cloth is their practises and why shouldn't they be, they are clearly an ethically consious brand, even promoting 'Sustainability is a word central to CloudCloth®' on their company webiste. It's just another appeal to the modern consumers. Talking further about the sustainability of the brand founder Catherine told us, 'It has been our aim from the very beginning to make a sustainable enterprise in every aspect of our business. We’re passionate about making our product and processes as sustainable as possible. It’s not always been easy or straight forward to achieve our sustainable aims and objectives. Here at CloudCloth® we’ve realised that it’s the long game that’s important and that’s what we’re steadfastly focused on. In other words, it’s not possible to do everything as sustainably as we’d like right now, but we have clear objectives in view and that’s where we’re aiming every hour of every day'.