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Durex launches thinnest ever condom

New Durex Nude condom launches at major retailers

The thinnest ever Durex condom range designed to feel it all*

The world’s leading condom brand**, Durex, is on a mission to unleash the freedom for everybody to be their true sexual selves. The new Durex Nude condom range is the thinnest Durex condom yet, with a thickness of just 48μm, to enable more sensations and help people have the best sexual experience possible.

Designed with sensation in mind, the Nude range seeks to address the beliefs that condoms are a barrier to intimacy and pleasure. The new condom range comes in three fits - Close fit, Regular fit and Wide fit in the Durex “easy-on” shape and will be rolling out across most major retailers from February 2023 (RRP 6s - £10.99, 12s - £16.49, 30s - £27.99***).

While thinness is an important factor, Durex knows that in the UK comfort and fit are the top important drivers of condom satisfaction and are on a mission to raise awareness on the importance of condom fit. Although 92% of UK condom sales are ‘regular’ fit****, there is variation in the population’s penis size and therefore not all people may be best suited to a ‘regular’ fit condom. This is why Durex developed its Nude range to come in three fits: Close fit, Regular fit and Wide fit, in the Durex “easy-on” shape.

Nikki Hayward, Marketing Manager for Durex, said: “Condoms don’t have to be a barrier to pleasure, and we don’t take a one size fits all approach”.

“We believe that everybody should be able to find their best fit and have wonderful, feel-good sex, without compromising on safety or sensation”.

The pioneering brand will also be providing education to consumers on how to find their fit through an online Fit Finder tool on the Durex website.

*allows more sensation versus Durex Thin Feel

**based on sales data. See

***pricing at sole discretion of the retailer.

****based on Nielsen category value sales data (2022).


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