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In this current climate, most may have lost hope that they will get to go lie on a beach for a few days this year. However, whether it’s the draw to some winter sun or planning a trip for next year,undeniably, a good quality bikini is a must have for your holiday wardrobe!

Emroce is a New Zealand based company that specialises in zero waste swimwear. Every piece is currently made from recycled Italian materials, although they continuously research for the most sustainable and viable fabrics to use. They do state that their pieces contain no unnecessary frills, but they are certainly still flattering and versatile enough to be worn alone or dressed up with some

statement accessories. All of this whilst considering and saving the environment!

It would be assumed that sustainable fashion does not come cheap, however Emroce has swimwear which has a price to suit everyone, ranging from £24.59-£50.09. They also cater for children, meaning even your little one can help save the planet whilst enjoying their time in the pool!


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