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Gilles Dyan & Opera Gallery

Gilles Dyan is the founder and chairman of Opera Gallery Group, a network of galleries specializing in Modern and Contemporary art which operates in three continents, with sixteen galleries located in Paris, London, Monaco, Geneva, New York, Miami, Aspen, Dubai, Beirut, Singapore, Hong Kong, Seoul, with the opening on May 12, 2023 of its gallery in Madrid.

He opened his first gallery in 1994 in Singapore and shortly after his second gallery in the prestigious Saint-Honoré street, near the Place Vendôme in Paris, France. Gilles Dyan’s initial vision was to extend the reach of European emerging and established artists outside the boundaries of France to distant markets such as Asia and the Middle East. In those markets, he foresaw the potential of both financial and cultural growth. Since 2000, Gilles Dyan has also been a member of the European Chamber of Fine Art Experts (C.E.C.O.A.).

Opera Gallery Group quickly expanded with new locations in New York, Miami, Hong Kong, and London becoming by 2004 the largest international gallery network of its kind. Gilles Dyan’s innovative approach viewed the gallery as a melting pot where emerging and established artists co-existed under the same roof. The gallery developed an open-door policy welcoming a variety of artists in the fields of painting, sculpture, installation and new media. Under his direction, the gallery collection gradually grew to include over 100 international artists turning his gallery into the most diverse and eclectic collection in the world. The idea that art is not limited to an exclusive member club but is accessible to anyone, anywhere and at any given moment has turned the galleries into a popular destination as well as meeting point for new collectors; a place to view current trends, up-and-coming artists as well as world-class masterpieces. The melting pot vision has emerged and successfully replicated itself to new markets with gallery spaces in Seoul, Monaco, and Geneva.

With the support of collectors and business people, Gilles Dyan started an art fund that injected further funds into the network, allowing the gallery masterpiece collection to grow substantially. Today each of the galleries has a dedicated “Black Room” showcasing exceptional works by the likes of Pablo Picasso or Marc Chagall alongside more recent masters like Pierre Soulages, Fernand Léger or Fernando Botero the gallery is renowned for carrying.

Opera Gallery Group also supports promising and established contemporary artists such as famous Swiss artist Andy Denzler, Spanish painter and sculptor Manolo Valdés and Korean artist Cho Sung-Hee and more..

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