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Healthy meals delivered to your door

I think there is always a time when each and everyone of us thinks about the food we eat and wish it was a lot healthier or more of a balanced diet (It happens to me around 5 times a week!). There is always a reason why you don't, either its too expensive or you dont have the time to cook these healthy meals. Well now there no excuse not to. Love Yourself prepares and delivered Calorie controlled premium meals which are freshly prepared and delivered daily, at a very reasonable price! Removing any excuse for you not to be that healthier diet.

Founder and head chef of Love Yourself Michal Snela spent years in the restaurant industry , but had a thought one day, 'those with busy personal and work lives, who don’t always have the time to spend in the kitchen'. What he did realise was that these people do want to and also deserved to enjoy health, fresh meals daily. From which Love Yourself was created, to do exactly that. Snela said,' Eating well is so important and at Love Yourself we have this at the foundation of everything we do.'

After getting a days worth of food delivered, I stuck to the diet provided for on that day from Love Yourself and I have to say I was pleasantly surprised. A banana bread with a delicious yogurt to start the say which kept me going until lunchtime, where i had a Chicken pasta dish. Again full of flavour, still incredibly fresh even though it had been delivered the night before. Then I had salad to end the day, but not below for chocolate muffin I had for an afternoon snack. It was probably one of the only days where I wasn't eating junk food or drink sodas and I felt good for it, obviously mentally rather than physically as one day isn't going to change much but it is something I would certainly consider doing more often going forward.

You can check out Love Yourself and get your health prepared meals delivered right to your door

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