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This year HNDSM celebrates it's 10th year in business. The New York established brand has kept their success by developing their brand and specialising strongly in 3 different areas. It's always risky to have a more than one focus point as you need to make sure you're marketing everything in equal proportion but at the same time your marketing every area enough, but the US Based brand looks like they've hit the nail on the head.

HNDSM, a brand inspired by great global cities. Boasting strong collections in Jewellery, Apparel & Candles. The New York brand's jewellery serves as 'a memento for a special place' the brand claims. Bringing back good memories of childhood or when you first moved to the big city. It really gives you a sentimental feeling, something to remind you some somewhere or someone special. Really giving the customer a connection with the brand.

Another line the brand features is their candle range, 'Our candles will transform your space to reflect the experiences and energy in exceptional cities with thoughtfully curated scent profiles that tell a story'. HNDMS says. This line again is something the brand has that connects with this customers. There is a real feeling of this brand wanting to bring some peace and happiness.

The final line of products is probably the one that is in the biggest market and that is their apparel range. Features garments suitable for city life and those that lead an active lifestyle. Speaking to the brand they said their brand is, 'It is functional with a contemporary aesthetic because we want you to be comfortable and look good'.

The ranges boast being unisex and made in Canada or USA, a good amount of which are assembled in New York’s historic Garment District giving the brand a connection to a rich authentic fashion history.

Throughout this brand there is a real sense wanting to connect with their customers and being an integral part of their lives. Bring happiness and warm. It's clear to see what their success of the last 10 years has been built upon and with more people wanting to see more from the brands they buy from this brand has put themselves ahead of the rest .

You can check out all the ranges from HNDMS over at now!