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Home Jewels Co

When launching a homeware brand for years it has been about slowly growing your brand, building up your name over a few years maybe even a decade but there seems to be a route which can fast track you... and deservedly so. With a world that's moving more and more to ethical and sustainable producing and trading growing your brand from these morals gives you a head start over the the old names on the market who haven't yet caught up to the modern world. Homeware brand, Home Jewels Co have certainly caught the eye of many with the products they offer and the practises they use.

In less than 4 years Home Jewels Co has established itself as a household name, an achievement they can certainly be proud of happening so quickly. So what's their secret? Is there a secret? I wouldn't of thought it was still a secret but maybe it still is... being ethically conscious and working to sustainable practices. Now there's no deny Home Jewels Co aren't the only brand in the world doing this but there are still many brands out there they have caught on to the fact of this is what consumers are wanting. Since the brands launch in 2017 they knew what their customers what want and they based the brand on these core values something which has kept a loyal customer base which is forever growing.

Home Jewels Co are in independent, London based, Soy candle and wax melt brand. Speaking to the founder of Home Jewels Co about the brand they told us the brands ,'has been designed and catered for the eco-conscious consumer'. Which is an ever growing trend. They continued, 'Using 100% organic soy wax, essential oils, and phthalate-free fragrance oils, Home Jewels Co produces the indulgent fragrances many have grown to love'. And its clear to see that's the ultimate truth because the brand in just a short space of time has placed itself amongst the most credible on the market.

Home Jewels Co produce a wide range of products including; candles & wax melts. They are also a gifting brand too with the company stocking giftsets of their products.

The brand has an air of simple sophistication to it. Not being loud and out there but certainly showing their presents in the room with the elegant fragrances of its candles and wax melts.

You can catch Home Jewels co at the Zero Waste Goods Market located in Old Spitalfields Market, London on Saturday, June 12th, 11am - 5pm. Alternatively you can check our the full range over on their official online store

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