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Hows your shut-up? 4 out of 5 brits suffer from sleeping issues.

Lack Of Quality Rest Is Leaving Us At Risk Of Serious Health Issues And Respiratory Troubles

A new report by Puressentiel, makers of evidence based essential oils, has stated that 83% have suffered sleep issues, with three quarters claiming that a lack of sleep is making daily life a struggle, leaving them fatigued, grumpy and at risk of serious health complications such as heart disease,[1] diabetes[2] and some cancers[3],[4] as well as respiratory troubles. The report - HOW TO ACHIEVE DEEP SLEEP AND BREATHE EASY - The latest science on sleep and respiration - confirms that Brits are short on quality shut eye, with those surveyed giving their sleep quality a disappointing score of 6.6 out of 10. It’s so bad for some, that 42% of 45-59-year olds would choose a better sleep over £500 cash. And the Coronavirus pandemic hasn’t helped. The most common trigger for sleep disruption was stress and anxiety, which more than half (57%) of respondents claimed was a reason for their sleeplessness. Other reasons included:

  • late-night TV (31%)

  • eating too late (23%)

  • having a restless partner (18%).

It’s not just adults suffering. According to the Puressentiel research, over half (59%) of children aren’t getting their recommended nine to 10 hours of sleep a night. A lack of sleep is almost a pandemic in itself. But why is our sleep so bad? GP, Dr Gill Jenkins and an adviser to Puressentiel says: “We all know that poor sleep patterns have been a serious health issue for some time, and these problems have been driven by social media and our constant need to feel ‘connected’, but the coronavirus pandemic has brought a new dimension to this modern-day malaise.” The Puressentiel research confirms that:

  • Almost a third of people have had trouble falling asleep whilst working from home during lockdown, with a quarter (27%) resorting to daytime naps[5] to pay back their sleep ‘debt’.

It’s easy to see why lockdown sleep was an issue, as boundaries became blurred for many. Almost a third (31%) have been working from their bedrooms during lockdown. This was particularly common among young adults. Plus, to make up for missed sleep, the Puressentiel research proves that many of us used the weekends to ‘catch up’:

  • On weekdays, one in four of those surveyed (24%) were up before 7am

  • At weekends, only 13% of adults rose before 7am with one in five (21%) sleeping till after 10am.

Professor Jason Ellis, Professor of Sleep Science and Director of the Northumbria Centre for Sleep Research Department, explains that this is a recipe for social jetlag - the difference between the times we sleep, and the times our biological clocks want to us to sleep, and social sleep restriction; reducing our sleep duration on certain days. These have both been linked to health conditions associated with poor sleep patterns, including heart disease,[6] obesity,[7] metabolic dysfunction[8] and increased inflammation.[9] Professor Ellis says: “It’s clear that the coronavirus pandemic is having a huge, unexpected, impact on our sleep patterns.’ It’s time to deal with our lack of sleep head on.” GP, Dr Nisa Aslam explains: “As we enter winter and continue to live with coronavirus, it has never been more important to solve our sleep issues and do everything we can to strengthen our natural defenses against infection. Poor sleep patterns and poor sleep quality will affect your immune health and leave you vulnerable to picking up winter ills and respiratory troubles.” Added to this, medical herbalist and adviser to Puressentiel, Dr Chris Etheridge explains that a regular rhythm of sleep is essential for deep, refreshing rest so our body can recharge and repair. He adds that breathing techniques and the use of essential oils, can improve sleep quality. In a bid to help, the clinically proven Puressentiel Rest & Relax range supports sleep quality and duration, as well as helping with respiratory issues. The Puressentiel Rest & Relax Air Spray (75ml, £16.99), provides rapid delivery of essential oils with each spray, for peaceful, serene and restful nights. The Puressentiel Stress Roll-On (5ml, £9.90) also offers a calming combination of 12 essential oils, including lavender, orange peel and pennyroyal. Deep breathing can help aid sleep. A study published in Psychophysiology asked insomniacs to practice slow breathing before bed time, with results showing improvements in sleep duration and quality and a reduction in the time it took to nod off.[10] Added to this, it’s important to make sure nothing impairs our breathing. Puressentiel research suggests that poor air quality is a problem for many and could be the reason behind 47% of people reporting sneezing, coughs or an itchy throat or eyes while in their homes. Dust mites and spores from mould and fungus may also be causing issues for asthma sufferers. New Puressentiel Respiratory Cough Syrup (125ml, £10.99) soothes sore throats and supports the body’s natural defenses thanks to aromatic honeys, propolis, marshmallow and elderberry, whilst New Puressentiel Respiratory Soothing Syrup (125ml, £11.99) combines plant extracts including propolis, marshmallow root and echinacea with seven essential oils, and soothing ingredients such as honey and lemon.

Clearing the air of nasties can help significantly. Puressentiel’s Purifying Air Spray (200ml, £19.99) contains 41 essential oils, which help reduce the risk of respiratory issues by tackling airborne bacteria and viruses, fungal spores and house-dust mites. And there’s proof that it works; a trial in patients with a history of respiratory symptoms showed significant improvements in lung function after just four weeks of using the spray.[11] When nasal cavities feel congested, the Puressentiel Respiratory Nasal Spray Decongestant (15ml, £9.99), can also help thanks to hypertonic sea water and organic rosemary floral water plus organic essential oils including eucalyptus radiata, rosat geranium, niaouli and ravintsara.

Puressentiel Respiratory Throat Drops (45 drops, £10.99) and Puressentiel Resp OK Inhaler (£5.99), are also great for on the go. The throat drops come in two flavours; Mint & Eucalyptus and Citrus, whilst the inhaler contains 18 essential oils including eucalyptus, peppermint and oregano, enriched with menthol and camphor to ease breathing.

A decongesting on the go essential, new Puressentiel Respiratory Lozenges (£9.99 for 18 lozenges) provide relief wherever you are thanks to the inclusion of three aromatic honeys. To aid a good night’s rest for those with stuffy noses or suffering from winter ills, new Puressentiel Resp OK Chest Rub (100ml, £12.99) combines 19 essential oils including tea tree and two species of sleep-inducing lavender. Getting good quality sleep lays the foundation for wellbeing, according to natural health expert and chemist, Dr Tim Bond. Dr Bond notes: “Failing to address sleep issues dramatically increases the risk of a host of serious, and life-limiting, health conditions, including heart disease, diabetes and depression. As sleep gives our body a chance to repair and recharge, it is also essential for immunity.”