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The perfect blend of natural botanicals and premium CBD for a sense of

refreshing calm and to enhance social moments

Founded by Maria and Craig, who launched CEDER’S Distilled Non-Alcoholic Alt-Gin, and CELTIC SOUL Distilled Non-Alcoholic Dark Spirit, M&C’s brings together the expertise of this husband and wife duo, with a shared desire and love for natural botanicals. Passionate about connecting with nature and leading a balanced life, Maria and Craig intertwine botanical ingredients with CBD to create a meaningful connection that allows people to socialize and treat themselves to an

evening tipple without the alcoholic side-effects.

Establishing the unique relation between plants, people and experience, M&C’s is a perfect blend of premium CBD isolate from the United States, with distilled sage, chamomile, juniper and orange blossom, alongside other natural botanicals. The astringent taste from the CBD blends well with the aromas and flavours from the botanical ingredients to create an exceptional drinking experience. Handcrafted in small batches in the UK, the 500mL bottle contains 25mg of CBD and has the ability to deliver a more sophisticated and complex flavour profile. Best served over ice with premium tonic and garnished with fresh orange peel for a sense of refreshing calm. For non-tonic lovers, Maria and Craig recommend swapping the traditional G&T mixer for soda water to allow the flavours of the spirit to shine through.

Understanding the considerable anxiety society feels at the moment, M&C’s remind us of the importance of taking some time out to unwind and enjoy the small pleasures life has to offer while sharing it with the ones we love. Appealing to adults who would like to encounter a drink without alcohol in a social setting,

M&C’s aim is to enhance uplifting connections and treasure real moments, ensuring an emotional and calm drinking experience.

Beautifully encased in a Don Papa shaped bottle, adorned with the M&C’s butterfly emblem, a visual portrayal of Maria and Craig’s love for nature and conscious living, that captures the spirit of the brand. With zero carbon footprint, Maria and Craig aim to continue to support sustainable initiatives in disadvantaged communities while using their skills and expertise to source raw materials that offer a positive impact to us and our planet. Maria & Craig’s premium non-alcoholic CBD Botanical Spirit will be available from October 2020 at


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