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Jet age inspired British watch from Marloe

The brand’s watches all take influence from achievements of individuals, with the Pacific inspired by the dawn of the jet age (particularly the de Havilland Comet – the world’s first commercial jet airliner to cross the Pacific and circumnavigate the globe).

The collection’s design combines the fluidity of the water it flew over with the complexity of aerodynamics. British designed and Swiss made, the Pacific’s craftsmanship makes it a pinnacle design in Marloe’s collection. Each model pays homage to the various evolutions of the jet-age, whilst the movement retains a humble look of an engine that is all business. Each watch features a carefully constructed sapphire box crystal, casting mesmerising refractions that illuminate the dial. Featuring polished upper and lower decks, with vertically brushed sides and, as another nod to the utilitarian mechanics of the jet age, a frosted surface in each side-aperture, the three finishes create a spectacular, ever-changing case.

Marloe Watch Company Pacific collection, £1,195 each,


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