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Justine Hats

There's just something about adding a hat to an outfit that gives you the sophisticated feel. When you think back to the 1900's for decade's men wore suits most days and something that was almost guaranteed with a women's outfit was that matching hat. Hat brand Justine hats have released their A/W 2021 and it just reminds me of those amazing decades.

Justine Hats is a millinery brand that ,'Reflects the fascinating encounter between fashion, art and design'. The label boasts serval different ranges including; winter hats ,beanies & Berets, Summer hats and even Cocktail hats & fascinators. Bringing their sophisticated hat styles to the modern way of living. Talking about the different influencers and inspiration the brand told us,'The collections reflect on the eternal debate between these two strong current, with dramatic, finessed pieces'.

Upon launching their A/W2021 range founder of Justine hats told us that the 'Justine hats AW2021 collection created during Corona days', going on to say ,' The uncertainty became a central motif in the creative process and led to a verity experience in traditional crafted techniques of felt painting and felt burning with fire'. Going to show that maybe one of the only good things to come from the virus was the time people were given.Now for a fashion brand this wont stop because of a virus. You have an online store, but you can use the emotions you have and you can feel around you to influence the designs and styles which Justine Hats seem to of done with this new collection.

The A/W 2021 collection boasts some incredibly stylish pieces. The felt painting and felt burning techniques used in this collection is what gives the pieces the uniques styles. It's what gives the hats the abstract surfaces and different colours.

One of my favourite pieces from this new collection is the felt fedora, for me is give a real feel of the high class in the 1950's / 1960's especially in the women's range. some real elegant pieces. Other hat styles in the new collections include ranges in classic caps for women and men, Men's unique felt hats and a beanie hat.

All hats Justine Studios create are fully handcrafted. The brand showcases workmanship using the old art of traditional hat making. With them treating their customers old and new to two collections each year.

You can shop the brand new A/W Collection now over at