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La Katz combines aesthetics with ethics

La Katz is the world’s first silk label to rethink and fundamentally change the common production of silk. This fashion label, founded in spring 2020, combines innovation with sustainable craftsmanship and thus revolutionizes fashion’s luxury sector.

For a New Future Of Fashion.

For La Katz, luxury means using the highest quality materials. The brand is based on a certified organic silk, which enables the metamorphosis of the silkworm to the butterfly in a unique manufacturing process and dispenses any pesticides or chemical refinement processes. Every unit of material such as the yarn, the label or the packaging is also manufactured according to the strict principle of completely avoiding harmful substances and plastic.

“For me, beauty and quality go hand in hand. You have to be able to see and feel quality. Many consumers have lost understanding of what materials our clothing are made of. We produce particularly sophisticated products. We have rethought every detail, from yarn to packaging, and designed our clothing to be skin-friendly. We focus on not just being less bad, but good holistically. That doesn’t mean using fewer pollutants or plastic, but none at all.” says founder Laura Sanger.

La Katz relies on local production. From yarn to packaging, all materials used come from Germany or Austria and remain true to the artisanal concept of production. It takes up to 6 hours of dedication to produce one silk coat. The result: timeless elegance and beautiful garments for eternity.

All parts of the collection are manufactured according to the cradle-to-cradle design concept. An innovative sustainability concept that not only improves partial aspects, but which creates good and clean products right from the start. The entire production chain is rethought and based on a principle of material health. This creates silky luxury: coats, blazers and blouses; handcrafted in Germany from high-quality organic silk. La Katz is setting a new quality standard.

“According to our philosophy, beauty is more that just the design of a piece of clothing. A dress not only consists of a great cut and unique color, true elegances is characterised above all by quality- for luxury that lasts” ends Laura Sanger.

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