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Marcela Solana

Art for me is the greatest form of expression. The fantastic thing about art is that it can come in many forms from music, to fashion to paintings. For years people have been expressing their emotions and inspirations through paintings and it's just something that won't ever die out. One young artist in particular found art to be something she can share her emotions through, Marcela Solana.

Marcela Solana is a Mexican artist. Marcela or 'March' as her friends call her loves to share her story about her love for the form of expression. Which isnt always the case for artist, for some it's private its there own way or expressing their feelings therefore they dont want anyone to see, but this isnt the case with Marcela as she aims to use her artwork to inspire others.

Marcela talks about the pain and darkness she went through quite openly and how she 'discovered' her 'artistic abilities', which was the way she found was best for her to show what she'd been through and to release the pain. Talking to us Marcela (March) Said, 'When I discovered my artistic abilities, I made it my mission to inspire, spread love and color your life through my art'. This is truly the power artwork can have. For centuries people have been captavated by peices of art, they make people feel things they have never felt before. They make people see things from different perspetives they they might of before and many bring happiness and colour into peoples lives. Now more than ever this is what we need.

People have a tendancy to be attracted to certain artists, this could be for many reasons; the pieces they produce, their public persona or even their background. One other attraction is the passion the artist has. Like with any public career, whether you're a music artist or a footballer your fans can see the passion in your work and this is one of the huge reasons why Marcela Solana is loved by many. Speaking to Solana on her passion for art and the connection with her followers / art admirers she told us, 'Everything I create, I do it to share with the world. There is nothing more gratifying than the feeling of having people connect and enjoy my artworks; their expressions and reactions are an immense source of inspiration'.

You can see the truley incerdible pieces from Marcela over at here website - Marcela Solana, is a name they will just keep on rising in the art world. Shes certainly here to stay.