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Mare De Vetro

Mare De Vetro is a brand with a family foundation. Founded by Mother and Daughter Raylene and Angela Boulter during the Covid-19 Pandemic the pair set their sights on creating a 'sustainable and deeply personal approach' when creating stunning pieces of Jewellery. Month we sat down with co-founder Angela to get more insight in their brand, how it started and where they are planning on taking it.

Angela, let's start by getting to know you and your brand a little more. Could you tell us about your brand Mare De Vetro?

Mare De Vetro is a Mother and Daughter Brand. Our brand was designed with a refreshingly minimal and sustainable direction with a deeply personal approach to creating collections that are an effort-less statement. We design based on creating a story connecting accessories to memories from our Past to our future. Building a brand that feels like someone you know or someone you want to be. We focus on representing our brand with raw authenticity, and sophisticated minimalism creating ethical luxury for our clients to enjoy.

What made you decide to launch your own Jewellery brand?

For many years we had been working on concepts and designs and learning the jewellery trade. We spent many years travelling sourcing pearls through the south pacific. We travelled to Venice to work with my fathers family in designing and developing our own style of Murano Glass. We finally had two collections we felt represented the story that we wished to tell and Launched June 2020.

3. Where did you start when you decided to launch your brand?

We would be making pieces on my mums dining table. We would sit there together music on. Now we have a full studio where our deisgns live on display and I spend many nights with my two pugs working on new concepts and building stock.

Let's talk about inspiration. How do you come up with so many unique stunning designs?

Inspiration comes from the love of other designers, love for art deco. Continuously watching fashion and trends for colour composition or even looking back at historical moments in fashion. Every Collection and piece has a purpose. They are all named based on their theory. It is always to hero the stone/pearl/glass.

The hardware is always designed to showcase and again its all about telling the story, I am always drawn to story telling, creating the full vision of the person and who they are what they would be doing – then the piece is born.

Do you find your design process has the same structure each time or does it differ?

Certainly the way in which we conceptualise it. But when it comes down to construction the first time is always different. But I am someone who likes to develop instruction and process. Lots of thought goes into that and we have a full folder filled with how to make every single piece down to the final small hardware detailing. As everything is handmade.

When it comes to creating the actual piece, how long does this take? What's the process?

The first piece is the hardest. But once we have gone through development phase and the process is developed it can take anything from 10 minutes to a few hours it depends on the complexity. Its like a restaurant, we prep for service. So we ensure all our stones re drilled, hardware prepaired, ready for assembly. So much time is spent prior to creating. We sketch the design, prototype it, wearability testing, test audience, and then small production builds. It takes months for a collection to finally see the day light.

What would you say is your most favourite piece you've designed?

This choice changes seasonally but if I go with something that completely makes me feel like I really created a timeless piece I would say the Gabriella Pearl earrings or the Bianca Pearl statement necklace.

Mare De Vetro is a very sustainably focused brand, why does this ethical practice mean so much to you and the brand?

Knowing that you understand the impact on the environment is something extremely important to both of us. The perfect example is pearl farming sustainment. One project Mare de Vetro strongly supports is the marine conservation project in the Pacific Islands, which offer unique opportunities in terms of livelihood in the region. Their main source of pearls is from the Fijian Island, Vanua Levu. The farm has sought close links to surrounding villages and employs numerous locals at different levels of its pearling activities, and is dependent on local support to fulfil its vision of Pearling Conservancy in protecting the local environment to ensure optimum conditions for pearl oyster growth. Rather than using mechanised technology for regular cleaning of oysters, the farm has chosen to employ local villagers in spat collection, nursery and husbandry activities, creating 50 jobs in rural community and creating greater environmental awareness in the area.

Alongside being sustainable your brand donates $1 from every order to charity, again why is this something you have decided to adopt?

Giving is such an important attitude to have. Showing our clients that they are apart of something, supporting something that will help others is a huge piece of who we are. Mental Health is something that we should not take for granted.

Where would you like to see your brand in 5 years time?

We would like to see a Flagship store in Australia and a strong presence across UK/US/Europe. To see our pieces worn by someone Iconic in Fashion and to Showcase more in Global Fashion weeks.

If someone reading this is thinking about starting a jewellery business, what advice would you give to them?

Know what you are wanting to say, have a clear vision. Believe in the vision and start small. And don’t be afraid to really put yourself out there.

Thank you for your time and sharing your story with us, and our Hinton Magazine Readers.

Thank you.

You can check out the full product range from Mare De Vetro over at

Photoshoot Credits:

Model: Nicole Peterson

Hair: Louise Graham

Styling: StyledbyRebeccaLouise

Photographer: Matt Breakspear - @Luciddreamsimagery

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