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Many of us spend way to much time trying to keep our skin looking younger. It takes a lot of trial and testing to see what works best for your skin. Lets face it, it take time and can be quite costly, but what if it didn't? What if there was one place that could offer it all for you? A brand that puts your skin first. We've sat down the with owner of skincare brand Naturbon to find out everything you need to know about the luxurious & sustainable brand.

For those people reading this interview that might not have come across your brand before could you tell them a little on who Naturbon is? Naturbon is a natural & organic skincare online store that is focused on helping people feed their skin with the right ingredients to nourish it to health. We are a skincare company that truly understands the science of the the skin, the science of natural ingredients/recipes, the science of beauty technology and the science of a healthy environment. We believe that as a modern day company, we should always blend these combination to deliver a luxurious, sustainable, proven and personalised skin & hair care recommendations (regardless of skin/hair tone or colour) for our customers. What was your motivation behind launching Naturbon? I have always struggled with a lot of products in the market for my hair and skin. About 15 years ago, I started researching on recipes and creating my homemade products. Over the years, I perfected it for myself, family and friends. Before starting Naturbon, I started having a burden to help others, on their healthy skin journey, my friends also started asking me for skincare recommendations. I realised I had a great knowledge about the connection of ingredients combination and their impact on our skin. I was eager to support a lot more people by balancing these ingredients knowledge with skin needs in a more technologically advanced way. So this gave birth to Naturbon as a company. Where did you start when you decided to launch your brand? We started from researching about ancient recipes that has worked for the likes of Cleopatra. We knew ancient recipes have historic proven results and most existed before the start of chemical synthetics materials. Once we were satisfied with the potential recipes, ingredients, the impact of getting these ingredients from the environment, we looked for manufacturing partners that can help us achieve high quality standards in production.

What would say was one of the most difficult parts when you first started out? Creating/finding formulations that are truly natural and chemical free. Combining all our hats to create innovative products, find the right customer targets and manage the day to day running of the company. When you are working on a new product how long does it take from thinking of the idea to putting it in your store? What does the process look like? We start from what people are looking for or what concerns is popular. We do some research to understand why they are looking for those products and understand the solutions they want. Then we start on product/recipe research on the right balance of ingredients and its impact on giving a healthy looking skin/hair outcome. Next, we do testing on humans mainly ourselves and everyone that opts into it. This can take anything from 6months to 1year.

When releasing new products, do you do this in ranges or product by product? It depends on what is needed. E.g. when we launched our pure herbal innovation, we had to launch a range that works together to give the full benefit. We had a foaming face wash, face cream and eye/lip cream to ensure our customers get the full benefit of the herbs. But for most of our body products, we launched it product by product

What do you look for in the market before deciding to introduce a new product? We look for market traction, potential business size and strategic alliances before launching a new product. We ensure we know the profile of people that would be early adopters. How do you manage to keep Naturbon ahead of its competitors? One of the ways we keep ahead is through our beauty quiz which is an AI enabled platform that connects the ingredients in a product to the skin need. We have done a lot of hardworking to create luxurious natural products, the right thing to do is to help our customers declutter their choices by ensuring they only see the products that work for their skin/hair needs. Is there any new products coming out either 2021 or 2022 you can tell us about? Yes, we are already working on some exciting products to be launched later this year. We are advanced in our body range to bring luxury shower oils (they lather and moisturise at the sometime), anti-ageing body creams and Vitamin ACE serum.

Next year we plan to introduce our natural brightening range that gives a healthy blemish/spot free skin with no side effects.

Turning to the business side of things, when setting your company up what for you was one of the most challenging times? At the beginning, since we are an e-commerce store, getting the logistics right was a big challenge. Also, setting up the right marketing strategy with appropriate funding was also challenging. What advice would you as a business owner give to someone looking to start out, specifically in the beauty industry? Find a niche within the industry, establish your user base and expand. How much has the skincare / beauty industry been impacted by the Coronavirus pandemic? Not as much as other industries. Skincare was not as impacted as ‘colour cosmetics’. People still need to take care of their skin regardless of pandemic. How do you envision the future of Naturbon? I envision Naturbon to become the industry authority on natural & organic proven personalised skin/haircare products/services. Thank you for your time.

Thank you.

You can shop the full range from Naturbon over at

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