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Oakywood - Solid wood fast QI wireless charging pad

When buying new gadgets one of the top things on many peoples list is the 'ease of use' - How easy it is to use. It is going to be a puzzle thats going to take a long time or is it going to be a nice and easy set up. Now there are certain things you accept will take some time and others you expect to take no time at all. The Solid wood fast QI Wireless charging pad from Oakeywood is the latter of the two... thankfully!

The wireless charging pads for me is one of the most over-sighted bit of tech to be released in recent years. There are so many great aspects to this peice of tech with the ease of charging your phone being right at the front and centre. Wooden tech brand Oakywood have thrown style into the mix and the charging pad is now something every home should have.

The Solid Wood fast QI wireless charging pad compatible with phones which have come out in recent years including the Iphone 8 and upwards (apple phone gens) and Samsung Galaxy S6 and upwards (Samsung phone Gens). The premium charger is made from Solid wood and stainless steel boasting some strong features including; 10W fast charging, Qi Compatiblity, Case Compatible (up to 3mm thick), Premium Nylon braided 1.5M cable and tempreturn control. Making it the perfect charging pad whether it be in the household or the work place. And you can get yours today for just $99.00 over at


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