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Ongoing Research Reveals 95% of Women Demand Enhanced Workplace Support for Women’s Health

As International Women’s Day approaches on March 8th, 2024, The Independent Health and Wellbeing Group (IHWG) launches a pioneering research initiative aimed at shedding light on the challenges faced by women in the workplace.

Committed to fostering gender-equitable workplaces, the ongoing research will assess the adequacy of healthcare support from employers across the nation. IHWG are a dedicated group who offer tailored corporate training programs, recently partnering with Grace & Green, a sustainable period product company, to dismantle the taboos surrounding women’s health in professional environments.

Photo: Hazel Hayden, Menopause Expert and Founder of The Independent Health and Wellbeing Group

The ongoing research led by IHWG has uncovered a resounding call to action, with 95% of surveyed women advocating for heightened support from corporations for their health needs. Shockingly, over a third of respondents confessed to encountering challenges or discrimination at work related to menstruation or menopause.

In a bid to amplify the voices of women and shape policies addressing workplace discrimination, IHWG urges more female volunteers to participate in a brief survey focusing on women’s health support and workplace experiences. By contributing to this policy-shaping endeavour, women can bolster IHWG's mission of nurturing inclusive work environments conducive to personal and professional growth.

To participate in the survey, please click here.

Reflecting on the ongoing research for International Women’s Day, Hazel Hayden, Menopause Expert and Founder of The Independent Health and Wellbeing Group, emphasised:

“Our preliminary findings reveal the prevalence of daily challenges stemming from menopause in professional settings. At IHWG, our mandate is to bridge the gaps in understanding, awareness, and policy pertaining to women’s health in the workplace. This research serves as a cornerstone in the development of our bespoke corporate training workshops, where we impart expertise to cultivate a more inclusive workspace for all.”

For more information about The Independent Health and Wellbeing Group and its mission, visit their website.


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