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  • Curtis Hinton

Oscar Duke

Every once in a while you come across someone who works incredibly hard and smart to get where they want to be in life, to have the life they want and when you get to meet this person all you can do is stare in awe. Oscar Duke is exactly the kind of person I am talking about. The talented entrepreneur has a hectic life and he's not about to slow anything down. Between his Singing, songwriting, acting and running his brand we got the chance to sit down with Oscar to get the latest on his singing career and how he finds living with a high status to live upto.

Oscar, you are a singer, songwriter, actor and businessman. What role do you prefer the most? SINGER. For some reason I can’t stop singing.... so this year is really all about my album.

Your family tree holds some household names featuring Sir's and Dames, do you feel you have a lot to live up to? It’s definetly in the back of my mind at times. I like to think I’m always trying my best but sometimes I feel I could do more.

Let's talk about the singing, where did it all begin? Listening to old jazz round the dinner table at my grandparents and of course Black and White movies at my Aunt Laura’s house. She always used to play Shirley Temple films... I knew all the words.

If you could sing along side any current artist who would it be?

Ariana Grande. I LOVE her voice.

When turning your attention to songwriting what's your creative process? Does it change each time or do you find yourself following the same structure? Recently my producer Tim Laws and I have teamed up with an incredible singer/songwriter, Bobbie Harvey. We have a winning formula on the go currently. But it’s good to be flexible.

What advice would you give to anyone who’s trying to break into the music industry? You have to be so determined. And willing to do anything for the sake of your dreams. My pet hate is people doing music because they think they’ll make money not because they love it.

Singing isn’t the only form of art you’re in, you’re also an actor too. Where did that all begin? I have been encouraged to act since a child - Aunti Pen, (Dame Penelope Wilton) & my grandmother have always been a great encouragement... & of course Aunti Ginni (Verginnia McKenna) has inspired me with her massive accomplishments.

I want to talk to business man Oscar. What made you launch your brand 'DUKE'? Definitely it was a business move launching DUKE. I wanted to make myself into a brand so that people could relate to me more. Which would enable me to share my story with wider audience.

Are there any new products you can tell us about that you’re looking to release? Definitely merchandise for my album will be coming.

How do you switch from your Performing head to business head? Good question. For me the minute that I’m getting creative my business mind switches off and it’s all about the moment.

Like everyone else you’ve been learning to cope with the pandemic, how have you found the last 12 months? To be honest I’ve been very blessed and it hasn’t affected me much. I have been able to write, sing and meditate..... Those are my favourite things to do.

So what does the next 5 years look like for you? Very exciting, I’m very blessed to be working with incredible people. Honestly I think with the right outlook we can all do amazing things. But certainly I am in the right place at the right time.

Oscar thank you for your time. Thank you.

You can shop the full range from Duke over at You can keep up to date with what Oscar is up to at his official Instagram account @OscarDuke

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