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Pioneering the future of fashion? - The Trace Collective

With the term 'Slow fashion' being adopted by more brands than ever, it's great to see fashion finally meaning more than just profit to the brand owners. With brands now having better motivation, more ethically conscious and morally right are we starting to see the tide turn the right way from fashion? Well only time will tell, but one brand helping to make movements is The Trace Collective.

Upon launching the brand, founders of The Trace Collective didn't believe the world need another brand. It didn't need another brand constantly pumping out fast fashion which is no good for the planet. But what they found out quite quickly is that the world is crying our for brands who are daring to break the norm, brands that are going to come in with a new mindset and find solutions to some big challenges the fashion industry faces, 'The large scale, mindset changing solution to the current challenges of the fashion industry is that we, simply put, buy radically less (new) stuff. But the reality is also that while we get there, we need new industry models that stop us from damaging at this pace. And we need them really fast.' The brand says. It does seem to be a new common thing with brands starting out ethically conscious and knowing there is a change to be made from the very start, and it's these brands that are going to revolutionise the future of fashion.

So how would a brand knowing what route they want to go down, start. Especially because what they were trying to do was brand new they were bringing something brand new. 'We started looking for the companies that are leading a new way of producing and engaging with consumers. We discovered incredible brands, but couldn’t find exactly what we thought was needed: a brand that used sustainability as the main central parameter to guide all their processes'. This all leads to the founders (after nearly a decade of working in the fashion industry) to quit their jobs to begin this 'New model' On what they hope future brands would look at and adapt to their own practises. Whilst the brands practises are conscious of the environmental affects, the founder recognise that there is still work to be done as they say,'Producing and shipping products still has an impact, but we strive every day to bring it to the minimum, while we help our buyers make choices that give back to the planet and society'. What they've done so far in terms of bringing new practises and new ways to the fashion industry is incredible and whats even better to see is that the brand still recognises there is room to improve and im sure in no time that they will make those improvements.

The Trace Collective is a high quality men's & woman's wear brand the produces garments. There is a real high end feel to this brand, high sophistication with an element of a relaxed feel with the garments on offer. Truly a brand you could wear to any occasion, whether it be strolling around a city centre on sitting at a beach side restaurant The Trace Collective will have you covered.

y not head over there now and shop their latest collections


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