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Punchy Launches Electrolyte Hydration Range Just In Time For The Summer Season

Punchy is proud to announce the launch of two new canned hydration drinks, the first of their kind in the UK, and the brand’s first foray into hydration.

Good health starts with hydration, but most people are dehydrated without realising it, Punchy is set to combat this issue with the launch of its new Everyday Hydration range, now available in two flavour variants – Mango and Blueberry. The wellness blend is filled with electrolytes, minerals, Vitamin C & D and packed with real fruit to fuel hydration.


Building on the success of its current range of Sipping Sodas, introduced in January 2020,  Punchy’s new range is plastic free, recyclable, and provides consumers with their daily wellness fix: whether a sunny day or recovery day, after party or after workout.

Available in Blueberry or Mango the Everyday Hydration drinks are lightly sparkling, refreshing and with a subtle dash of lemon juice to temper the natural sweetness of their lead fruits. Low in calories and filled with key ingredients such as magnesium and potassium to support muscle function, reduce fatigue and balance electrolytes, the drinks are the perfect pick-me-up to keep dehydration at bay. 

These premium, all-natural alternatives help move hydration drinks out of the confines of the gym and into everyday life. Whether parched on a stuffy train or simply seeking a daily dose of wellness, their caffeine free, artificial sweetener free and vegan friendly status allows the brand to cater to the growing demand for more holistically healthy functional products. 

"At Punchy, we’re forever looking for white space - the categories with legacy brands but a real lack of challenger brand vibrance and quality - and that’s exactly what we found in hydration” says Paddy Cavanagh-Butler, co-founder of Punchy. “We were clear on one thing - the opportunity for a brand that offered a highly effective, great tasting hydration drink, that took no shortcuts on ingredients.” 

Punchy are on a mission to drive a refreshment renaissance, rewriting the rulebook with soft drinks that punch hard. They're proudly B Corp, sun worshippers (40% of their manufacturing is solar-power) and as much about sharing as sipping (donating 1% of their sales and a dash of their stock to FareShare annually). 

  • Powered With: Electrolytes | Minerals | Vitamin C & D | Real Fruit 

  • Proudly: Low Calorie | Recyclable | Plastic Free 

  • Supports: Hydration | Muscle Function | Immunity 

Blueberry and Mango are now available to purchase from M&S, Ocado, as well as directly on the website at:


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