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Pure Shave

A shaving brand like no other...

Finding a shaving brand which is kind on our skin isn't always the easiest things to do. When we do find that one brand we find it hard to change. But as the world becomes ever more environmentally conscious maybe its time to. Pure Shave are a brand new shaving brand from London which not only offers you products which are going to be kind to your skin, it's also kind to the planet.

The London based brand focused hugely on the Eco-friendly side to their product to ensure it was sustainable. Speaking to the brand they said, 'Our main focus in developing our packaging, was the effect of Pure Shave on the environment and the amount of throw away packaging there is in the world. We wanted Pure Shave to be different and a market leader in this respect'. It's very clear this is something they have worked hard on and have successfully achieved. A target many other brands could set for themselves. Speaking about what they did to reach this goal the brand told us, 'Simplicity is key here as well. The aluminium bottle is refillable. The refill pouches are made from recycled materials and hold enough product to refill the bottle 3 times.' They continued. 'To cut down on waste, even more, you can now refill your bottles at your local zero waste store.' Making it this simple will attract even the most Eco-sceptical people.

The brand currently stocks products including the Pure shave - Shaving cream and the Pure Shave Moisturiser in this packaging whilst also stocking the re-fill packs on their website. Other products the brand stocks includes; a range of razors, shaving towels, wash bags and shaving kits amongst other items.

Sustainability is certainly the way of now and the future, more and more brands are heading down this route but when coming across a brand like pure shave it always seems like a unique clever concept they have.

Although a huge part of the brand founder James Kenning didn't just launch Pure Shave to launch a sustainable options. Talking about why he launched the brand he said, 'Pure Shave is the result of years of investigation to solve a personal problem. When I started shaving I quickly learnt that I suffered very badly from razor burn and razor rash. I tried every new product that came along, hoping I would finally be able to shave pain free. Every product, without fail, let me down. Through frustration, I decided to find a solution myself.' This is a problem that many men face but lets face it do nothing about but James clearly had a vision and its clear to see there's certainly a market for Pure Shave.

You can shop the full range from the Eco-Friendly, London based shaving brand over at