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Ready for the rain with Cherry Blossom

Good shoes take you to good places—but with every walk through the rain you risk to damage the appearance and beauty of your shoes. It's a problem we face all too often. Once you've found footwear you love, you want to make sure it lasts. Whether you invested in formal work shoes that you would like to wear for years, or are emotionally attached to a new pair of sneakers, you simply can’t avoid dirty shoes—but when the inevitable happens, it helps to be prepared with the right tools from Cherry Blossom, such as the brand’s core range.

Cherry Blossom is as committed to restoring the appearance of your favourite items as protecting them, and so the Shoe Protector should be the first product to use. Providing powerful, invisible protection, even the worst British weather won’t penetrate or stain shoes, keeping feet dry and comfortable. The Shoe Protector is a go-to and can also be applied to new footwear to maintain its original, newly purchased state by offering infallible waterproofing treatment.

To restore natural gleam, the Shine & Go provides an easy-to-use sponge which gives an immediate buffed finish to step out in confidence. For an even greater gleam, Shoe Polish also nourishes and protects footwear, with Cherry Blossom being the UK’s only shoe polish manufacturer. The Shoe Polish can be made even easier to use with the Shoe Care Brush Set, evenly and easily applying creams and polishes. Restoring the appearance of shoes isn’t just about the shine, it’s also about the colour. With the Ready Wax, revive the look of smooth leather with the colour-enriching liquid that is perfect for a rejuvenated charm, taking worn-looking items and giving them an instant refresh.

For adding shine to much-loved patent leather boots such as Dr Martens, the Wax & Shine also restores that all-important gleam. Also perfect for well-loved items is the Scuff Cover, buffing out any scratches to the most worn of shoes, making it particularly ideal for school shoes. Much of our everyday wear includes white shoes and trainers, a staple in most wardrobes. With the Cherry Blossom Sports Whitener, the appearance of white leather can also be revived to keep sporty footwear looking good as new.

Shoe Cleaner - £4.50

Shoe Deodoriser - £4.50

Shoe Wipes – 40g £2.95, 80g £3.15

Shine & Go - £1.85

Ready Wax – £3.45

Shoe Polish – £1.45

Scuff Cover – £3.45

Suede & Nubuck Renovator – £6.50

Wax & Shine – £4.50

Sports Whitener – £3.45

Shoe Protector – £4.50

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