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Relationships are hard work, but they are worth the investment....

Yes it's that time of the year again, the day of love, Valentines day!

Falling in love is of course the most amazing feeling. We have butterflies in our belly and the love drugs are hitting our brain, we feel nervous and can't stop thinking about that loved one! ️

Complications come after the honey moon phase. The fireworks are over and the love drugs wear off. But this is when true love really begins.To stay balanced and grow as a couple requires mutual work.

The pandemic put relationships through a serious stress test. No baby boom. Instead, we can read how badly the pandemic affected everyone's sex life. Nothing is sexy anymore, a lack of excitement, of novelty and ultimately of endorphins and so the depression begins.

Whatever is your relationship status right now, this time of year reminds us that the quality of our relationships depend on the work we do to grow as an individual and on the effort we invest to nurture your love relationship. You own it.

Most relationships fail because of false expectations and bad communication. it is so important to get these things right. If you want to age well, you need good relationships with your loved ones, starting with your significant other. You can learn to improve your love relationship. Below is a selection of great books to improve your relationships skills.

I may not give you butterflies in your belly but my classes will provide you with a similar endorphin cocktail to the love drug. ⚡️

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