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Rome De Bellegarde

Luxury Cognac Brand, Rome de Bellegarde, announces their new Global Brand

Director, Dimitri Nalin, whose career path to date is as rare as their Ageless bottle. In 2018, that bottle was opened to celebrate the re-launch of Rome de Bellegarde, which set the Guiness World Record of the most expensive shot of Cognac for £10,014 ever sold in London, UK.

Just a little over 10 years ago Dimitri was still completing his degree in France to become a translator. Now he is a globally acclaimed and award-winning sommelier who worked with the most distinguished houses. Throughout the

years, Dimitri has accumulated several awards under his belt. Notably, he won a Cercle d’or in 2016, was vice- champion of “Challenge Sud” 2018, participated in numerous competitions and was elected ‘Best Sommelier de Nouvelle Aquitaine in 2019’ (The full list of achievements is displayed below). His interest in the profession peaked when he was working in Australia and living with a French oenologist who would speak passionately about wine and the art of wine-

making. One evening, he decided to join him down into the cellar to sample the choice on the wine rack and found the experience to be truly amazing. After that night, he bought a selection of books so that he could read up on all that there was to know about becoming a sommelier. His last professional assignment was as the Chef Sommelier for La Grande Maison de Pierre Gagnaire, 2 Michelin stars in Bordeaux who gave him enough accolades to become the first choice to Rome De Bellegarde, as their Global Brand Director.

Dimitri has years of expertise and is being treated as a VIP by some of the most

established cognac houses to taste some of their most exclusive production. When

tasting the Limited-Edition Rome De Bellegarde’s XO, a sumptuous blend of some of the best eaux de vie the Grande Champagne Region in Cognac has to offer all aged over 25 years from, Dimitri’s final verdict was:

“This cognac, clear and radiant, has an amber colour with vivid intensity and sapphire undertones. The tears slowly flow along the glass wall. So this wine is evolved and seductive showing a rich body.On the nose, Rome De Bellegarde X.O. has balanced and intense aromas with hints of vanilla, caramel, quince, tobacco, and faint peppery notes that adds an extra soul to this nectar. The array of aromas makes this wine complex and elegant. On the palate, the liquid enters with a generous fresh touch and evolves into a buttery sensation, underlined with a pleasant and dynamic crispiness. The final taste is amazingly long and finishes on a lingering menthol note, accompanied by an explosion of freshness.

This prestigious and very fine Cognac will stand out and please Cognac connaisseurs with its finesse and elegance. Ideally, it will be paired with distinguished cigars such as Le Cohiba - Londsale - Siglo IV, with each of them having distinct earthy and flowery notes, which will offer a mellow touch and merge harmoniously with this unique Cognac.”

Since its launch in 2018, the brand has been focusing on creating meaningful

collaborations and limited-edition bottles with selected partners, in line with the

heritage of the family. These cognacs were made available through private

customised channels and brand partnerships, including its collaboration with Fabergé, Bentley, the Fenty’s family and supported by Rihanna herself to name only a few. Consequently, the Rome De Bellegarde’ XO’s international launch makes this exclusive and luxurious Cognac, priced at £3,000 for a 700ml bottle, putting it in the class of accessible luxury alongside other top-tier cognacs.

The prestigious French house has been forging new collaborations and exclusive

events tailored to their clientele. These experiences include a brand-new luxury

partnership with Holland and Holland, the iconic London shooting experience.

Moreover, Rome De Bellegarde continues to create once-in-a-lifetime experiences

with Cognac and will be announcing new Brand Partnerships with International Luxury Brands for Christmas.

Dimitri Nalin’s achievements to date

•Cercle d'or in 2016,

•Best sommelier de Nouvelle Aquitaine in 2019.

•Best Write Up competition from terroirs du Sud Ouest in 2017.

•Vice-champion for Nouvelle- Aquitaine 2017.

•Vice-champion of the sommellerie contest ”Challenge Sud” 2018.

•Finalist for Master Piron 2019.

•Finalist for the best student sommelier for France in 2016.

•Semi-finalist for Master of Port 2019.

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