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Sean Connery is the Best James Bond Ever, Data Shows

After taking in everything from his movie watch value and style to his female audience and suit functionality, Sean Connery was found to be the Ultimate James Bond.

Research by Luxe Watches, alongside the expert oversight of tailors Mason and Sons (who suited Connery for the first Bond flick) and Church & Clements. Together they found the original James Bond to be the best of them all.

They judged the style of each Bond as well as the functionality of the suits to see if the secret agent could actually do the job in what they wore. The numbers were crunched from IMDb with demographics broken up to find who had the most female movie admirers.

Connery pipped Daniel Craig to the best Bond ever. He took first in multiple categories including watch value (his Rolex Submariner 6358 is found to be worth £733,000 in today’s market!) as well as expert suit ranking.

Mason and Sons gave Connery a 10/10 for his style, commenting: “If you can make a towelling onesie look acceptable, then you will clearly have no problem looking the part in a bespoke suit tailored by Anthony Sinclair. Connery looked effortlessly cool in everything he wore as James Bond.”

Daniel Craig ranked second on the list, gaining honors such as holding the highest rated Bond movie (Casino Royale) and also having the highest number of female film fans. He fell just behind Connery in the style ranking after receiving a 9/10. “Stylistically, the return to classic Bond style was very well received,” said Mason and Sons. “It’s just a shame that the tailoring was cut so close to the body… I doubt there’d be much room for a concealed weapon.”

Roger Moore ranked third after scoring well across the board. His movies hit decent ratings but nothing spectacular - most of the praise came in his sense of style. Mason and Sons said: “We had the pleasure and privilege of making clothes for Sir Roger following the retirement of his friend and former tailor Doug Hayward. He oozes charisma and was another man who would make most things look good.”

Pierce Brosnan came fifth; despite holding a lot of nostalgic acclaim, he has the infamy of being in the lowest-rated film in Die Another Day. Despite being unquestionably stylish, he received some choice feedback from Mason and Sons: “We reflect on this period with some lament. Pierce always looked great, but there is an element of sadness that Bond appeared to have finally ditched his British tailor for an Italian brand… and traded his Aston for a BMW.”

Timothy Dalton and George Lazenby finish out the six in fifth and sixth respectively - both also starred in the shortest amount of movies with Dalton being in two and Lazenby just the one.

Everyone will always have their personal favourite 007 but it is amazing to see how Sir Sean Connery’s Bond - the original - still holds up today, almost 60 years gone. The next Bond will be undergoing casting talks next year, and they undoubtedly have a lot to live up to after these stellar performances.

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