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Small change can make a big difference

See thing is the world’s a bit weird at the moment. It’s hurting, aching.

And many are starting to feel it. And as much as we try to stick a band aid on it, we all need to recognise that perhaps we need to work together and help. Many are emotionally feeling the strains of the world at the moment.

So, what can we do?

It’s important to remember that this crisis is temporary, and things will return to normality. And now more then ever everyone is certainly fighting an invisible battle we may know nothing about. Job losses, less hours, family strains, all this and so much more.

So, what can be done?

In times of need we most always be kind. Be mindful of our thoughts, Our feelings,

Our very words. Our energy tends to introduce itself before words even leave our mouth. So, sometimes. If need be. Take ten deep breathes, calm yourself remember a grounding technique and then move forward.

So, in these tough times I want you all to remember something. You’re human.

You’re allowed to feel emotions and you are your first and only home. This means you have to look after yourself. It’s all about continued balance. Believe in yourself.

Be affirmative to yourself. Give yourself affirmations. I have some faults, but I am a good person. I care about myself and that of other people. I accept me for who I am. I’m a good person and not a mistake. I embrace both my good qualities and bad qualities. I’m becoming a better person each and every day. I’m here for a reason.

Remember in these tough times now more then ever we need to look after out mental health. Be proud to know what makes you happy. Whether that be the book your reading, The podcast you listen to, The game you play, The time you take out to exercise and train, The artwork you’ve always wanted to do, The walk in the great outdoors. All this and so much more…

Remember it’s about survival in these coming months. And so far, so good you’ve got a 100% survival rate. So, although the worlds a little broken at the moment.

Let’s use this time to find what makes you just that little bit more happier and ensure that you take the small time out to make time for ‘ you time.’ This time next year we will all be in a far different place. Until next month.

James Bsc.


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