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Start the New Year fresh from your Ex

Make the permanent, impermanent

Christmas Gifting 2021 with NAAMA Studios

An ex's name is the most commonly removed tattoo among women

Used by the A-list, ground-breaking technology now available for Christmas ideas – the most skin-safe, gentle service on the market

Research from RealSelf shows that the most commonly removed tattoo for women is an ex's name – with 78% of doctors agreeing that this is the tattoo they remove most often. The trend reaches even the most famous of celebrities such as Denise Richards, Angelina Jolie and Iggy Azalea.

First of its kind, NAAMA Studios ( offers a luxurious and world-class tattoo removal experience using cutting-edge technology unavailable anywhere else in the world. The service empowers clients to evolve the artistic expression of their tattoos.

Most tattoo removal lasers are coupled with topical anaesthetic or injections to reduce pain; but at NAAMA Studios, their unique laser technology and skin-safe approach means that they can alleviate any discomfort and pain by simply using cool air.

The most common concern when it comes to the art of giving gifts during the festive season, is whether or not it includes the right amount of personalisation. Arguably, there is no better gift than a customised experience that changes the lives of your loved ones through the gift of impermanence.

Tattoos are one of the most personalised forms of art and expression; telling a specific story about individuals and their journeys to date. However, NAAMA Studios understands the emotional grip-hold that tattoos can have over people and their confidence if they reflect an inaccurate sense of self. Providing a holistic and personalised approach to what is normally considered a painful and transactional process, NAAMA's world-class consultants use industry-changing technology derived directly from Princeton University to create a revolutionised experience.


NAAMA Studios' gift cards offer a premium experience in tattoo or pigmentation removal, with packages starting from £749 for a 5 pack of micro tattoo sessions, while also offering complete confidence packages too, priced at £3129 for as many sessions as it takes to remove a tattoo. All gift cards can be purchased here.

How does the process work?

Clients come into NAAMA’s central London studio for a consultation. They take detailed imaging of the tattoo and assess skin type, tattoo ink and develop a personalised plan. Laser treatment commences to break down the ink - the stronger your immune system, the more efficiently it can process the ink particles. Each session is followed with NAAMA's exemplary aftercare procedure; a detailed guide through the healing process by world-class experts followed by skincare recommendations, lymphatic massages and an immune boosting juice shot.

NAAMA have collaborated with Swiss Mountain Organics - a leading Swiss natural and vegan formulator - to develop unique products designed to support your skin and enhance the removal process. NAAMA Aftercare Cream soothes, protects from external stress factors and stimulates blood circulation to enhance the ablation of tattoo ink fragments.


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