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St. Lucia Bay

Quality affordable swim wear, this is was women's swimwear brand St. Lucia Bay offers. We caught up with brand owner Lucia Campolucci- Bordi to find out more about the brand she release just 17 months ago.

'St. Lucia Bay offers a flattering, affordable and quality range of swimwear and resortwear for all the baybes that dare to bare', I was told. Launching in May 2017 Lucia has rapidly grown her business in just 17 months. I wanted to meet and find out the success story behind the brand. We started right at the beginning i wanted to find the reason why she decided to create the brand, 'I could never find really good quality, flattering bikinis in a range of gorgeous colours for an affordable price, so I decided to create my own', She expressed. When meeting brands many of them do stem from not being about to find something from other brands so they create their own.

I then wanted to find out the story behind the name 'St. Lucia Bay', "My name is Lucia, so when I told my brother about my idea I said I wanted to call it 'Sea It', he said why not make it more personal to yourself and have your name in there? Then he came up with St Lucia Bay! I love it it sounds so tropical, and I also love St Lucia as a country it's so beautiful." She Told me.

Finally I wanted to find out what they designs were they she focused on "We always focus on keeping our designs super simple and really flattering, so that anyone who has any of our bikinis, it's the first one they want to throw on for a day at the pool or beach, and they want it in every colour", I then wanted to find out about any up coming collection, I managed to find out that in May 2019 the next collection is due out!

After speaking to Lucia Campolucci- Bordi its clear to see she has drive, she has passion around this brand and with the right marketing there is no guessing on how well this brand could do!

Make sure you head over to their website and check them now now!


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