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Strengthen Those Early Years with Geomag world Education is as easy as 1,2,3.

Children grow up so fast, those first giggles, first steps and first words come quickly. Before we know it, children are at nursey, then at school.

Encouraging a child’s education in those early years can help them build blocks for later life. Children are naturally inquisitive and by making education fun and varied it inspires and excites them to understand more.

Geomag has created a range of award-winning toys which fit into everyday family life. Their toys are fun, educational, and are created to ensure that children can learn in a creative and enjoyable environment.

The Geomag 83 Magicube Math Building Set is £50 from Amazon is a multicoloured and vibrant 71 piece building block set that uses magnetic forces to join together and encourage building and counting. It is a great first maths set that encourages number recognition, sums and problem solving. Make calculations to different levels as children progress. The Geomag Maths Set offers a fun approach to early learning activities and ensure kids gain fluency in their basic skills as well as encouraging them to look for solutions with a hands-on approach to learning.  The set is great is great investment for those early years, into pre-school and will follow a child into primary education.

The Geomag 84 Magicube Word Building Set £38 from Amazon.  With 79 pieces there is plenty to enjoy. The magnetic blocks and clips are magnetic and help a child stack, build and spell. Strengthening early literacy skills as they recognise letters and make their first words. The set comes complete with an illustrated booklet containing tips and examples which the whole family can enjoy.


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