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Studio A

The rise of Japanses fashion in the western world is happening very fast and if you dont get in on it now, you'll risk being late to the party. Well it might just be that the UK is the unoffical headqauters for Japanese fashion in the Westeren world. Fashion brand Studio A Clothing are looking to lead the way.

The West Midlands based brand found early success with their clothing lines in Tokyo in 2018 & 2019, arguabley the city at the heart of Japanese fashion. Since then the brand have found further success with their international website stocking a wide range of garments for men and boys. Combining severe attention to detail and vibrant colours to their garments they are really striking for the iconic Japanese look - offering something brand new to the UK and bringing the chance of increased visability to the rest of the western world.

With a simple mission to produce and deliver the latest fashion, in the best quality and at the right price, Studio A is abrand founded by a team who have over 30 year of experience wihtin the clothing industry with strong knowledge in producing quality garments. Not only are the brand finding themselves at the forefront of Japanese fashion in the UK but they are also ensuring they can connect to the consumer in relatable ways, with more and more consumers making sure thy shop from brands that undertake sustainable and ethical practices in their working enviroment and whilst sourcing materials.

You can shop the full range of mens and boys clothes over at Studio A's online shop