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Tasty, All the Time.

With Tasty every recipe is one you'll love. The My Tasty Cookbook from Hacche is the World's only fully customizable cookbook, with catalogue over 300 recipes to choose from. Simply pick your favourite foods and recipes. With 22 chapters available just select 6 of your favourites from; Quick Eats, 5 Items or Less, Meal Prep, Mug Meals, One Pot Wonders, Recipes for Kids, Dinner Party, Vegetarian, Vegan, Desserts and many more. Every recipe, every chapter and every ingredient is utilised, removing any components you dislike in the process.  Meaning the cookbook only has foods and recipies you like. Options include the Chocolate Ripple Cheesecake, Cookies & Cream Puffs or Berry-Stuffed French Toast to mention. This unique gift is certain to be used and loved.

With Tasty you can select a personalised cover. Simply add the recipient’s name to the front cover of your choice. Once you've made all your choices My Tasty will do the hard work for you, delivering to your door, they can even put it in a gift box and personalised gift wrap for that finishing touch.  

As a global sensation, BuzzFeed’s culinary brand Tasty reaches over 325 million people, with over 5 billion videos viewed every month. The MyTasty Cookbook is designed and developed with the Tasty fan in mind, recognising recipes from the World's largest social food network. Whether it’s breakfast, lunch or dinner Tasty has you covered and it’s now easily accessible in your own home. 

The My Tasty Cookbook is available to buy online for £18.99 (Paperback) or £19.99 (Hardback) at