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HM Visits: The Hawk's Nest

We all have those friends that we're jealous of on social media because they post such amazing content of their social life when they go on holiday, those day trips and those incredible bars and restaurants they always seem to find. Well, now it's your turn to be that friend. Opened on the 4th July, in Shepherd's Bush, London The Hawk's Nest opened its doors and it is just what the area needed.

The Hawk's Nest is one of those bar & restaurant's that has a real niche feel about it. With both indoor and outdoor (with a cover) seating this place is somewhere you are going to want to visit, and there's something else... You can get a pizza and a drink for £10!

The Hawk's Nest has a small but significant menu. Featuring a couple of side dishes alongside an excellent range of pizza's (which are made on-site), I think they've got it just right. It's a place where you could definitely settle in for the evening with your friends, have a few cocktails from their tantalising cocktail menu and enjoy all life has to offer!

The establishment's indoor seating is perfect for those groups of 6 gatherings, with what I would describe as old school lunch table's and chairs both indoors and outdoors you'll be able to have a good catch up with your nearest and dearest!

There's a very cool vibe to The Hawk's Nest, a clean feel to the place with art and some plants in the bar and a giant mural of the artists interpretation of the surrounding Shepherd's Bush area. It's definitely worth a visit with your friends, and because of the 6 friend rule... it means you'll be able to go 5 or 6 times with different friends!

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