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TIMEX - The Port Chronograph

The watch a man wears can be as important as his shoes or even his choice of tie, so making the right choice is vital. One that has thrown itself into contention is the Port Chronograph 42mm leather strap watch from TIMEX. Instantly becoming a timeless piece you should be adding to your collection.

The brown stitched leather strapped watch boast some iconic timeless watch features including, the non-traditional stirrup lugs which create a maritime watch typically rooted in utilitarian American design. Other features of the watch include; resistant to water at pressure up to 100 meters, a unique but tasteful INDIGLO® light up watch dial and even a traditional date window.

A real traditional piece with a slight modern twist. If you were to create a 21st century timeless piece it would look like this - this is one you should be adding to your collection. You can definitely tell this is a TIMEX piece, there isn't anything strangely out of the ordinary from their style but it really is a true piece of beauty and at a very reasonable price £139.99. You can get your hands on this watch over at the TIMEX website.


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