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Tucca Swimwear

Sister's Swimwear! I Caught up with Tucca Swimwear owners , sister duo Helaina and Chloe Thomas. Since Launching their brand in July 2018 they have been working tirelessly to get things moving and after chatting to them its clear to see they are moving fast!

When we spoke to wanted to find out the reasons for creating the brand,'After both completing degrees in Textile Design and Photography, we wanted to create a brand together using the combination of our artistic skills. Tucca Swim has been strongly influenced by the beauty and nature of the Balearic Island Mallorca, where we have spent a lot of time with our family.' I was told. Staying on the creative subject I wanted to see what there thought process and the design process was behind the brand naming and logo creating,'Tucca' was a childhood nickname given to Helaina. We wanted to create a brand that was personal to us and that tells a story about us sisters growing up together. The brand colour orange represents the warmth of the Balearic light, an inspiration to Tucca Swim.' They explained to me.

As with all brands I like to find out more about their designs and what they focus on in particular.'The multi-way bikini top and bottom is Tucca Swim's signature design due to the reversible function combined with the unique design of each set which offers 5 looks with only 1 purchase. The prints are also a continuous focus as we create bold sun prints through exposing natural forms to the sun.' This is a very clever design idea. People are always looking to see what they can get and how much they ca get for their money. Then I wanted to see what upcoming designs there were for 2019, 'There will be another collection for Spring/Summer 2019. 'We are currently working on this and are very excited to share it with everyone.' Was All i was told.

The brands mission statement 'We both aim for Tucca Swim to continue to become more sustainable with a view of the future in mind' is a very personal one I think. it may not be for the brand to the consumer but more for the brand to it's owners. With a brand a new as this one it's very difficult to see where it will be (Or even if it will be) in 5 years time. Whats important is to not rush it and enjoy the journey and that is exactly what it sounds like they are doing.

These are genuinly lovely girls behind the brand and im sure it will be a huge success!

You can check them out here... Tucca Swimwear

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